Malibu Rising Delivers Drama and Intrigue for a Summer Read

Malibu Rising Delivers Drama and Intrigue for a Summer Read

Keelyn Chroniger, Contributor

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid is a heart breaking and drama infused novel that had me hooked from the first chapter.

The story is played out over the course of one day, August 27, 1983, also known as the day of the Riva families annual end-of-the-summer party. Now that the offspring of the famous Mick Riva are old enough, they oversee hosting the party. The Riva’s are top tier royalty in Malibu, meaning anyone and everyone will be attending the party, maybe even a long-lost sibling. Each of the four Riva siblings have a secret that is bound to reveal itself by the end of the night, but only time can tell how it will play out.

Written in third person, Malibu Rising gives a well-rounded perspective of all four siblings, their parents, and the guests of the party. It switches between timelines from the day of the party in 1983 to flashbacks of major family events when Mick was still fulfilling his duty as a father. The author did an amazing job depicting the glamour of being famous while holding on to the reality that no amount of money will ever keep some people satisfied.

Reid’s descriptions of Malibu wraps me up into a warm and sunny summer vibe, while the conundrum of family secrets unravels right onto the page. I have never had the urge to learn how to surf, but the way Reid describes it makes me want to risk my remaining dignity to try it out.

Whether you are lounging at the beach or stuck on your porch, Malibu Rising is the perfect book to complete your summer fantasy.