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Some Dill-lightful Veggies to Plant This Spring


Spring is in bloom, and the new change in temperature introduces new crops that can be planted in preparation for the following season. Here are four of the best vegetables to plant in Maryland for springtime.  

Leafy greens are one of the top tier choices for planting in the spring. Vegetables like romaine lettuce, spinach, arugula, kale, and bok choy are all ready to be planted in early to mid-March. Leafy greens are also characteristically easy to grow and are very versatile in the garden. Not only are they good to plant in the springtime, but they are also included in many spring dishes like bright side salads. 

Beets are another great option for planting in March. They are perfect for this time of year because they can withstand many different temperatures throughout the winter to spring transition. Beets also contain a multitude of health benefits such as fighting inflammation, improving digestive health, and keeping blood pressure in check. 

If you already have a green thumb and want to challenge yourself in the garden, carrots have unique growth habits in the springtime; they are best planted before the last frost but can also grow very well in the spring. Since they are roots, carrots do not grow well in the heat, so this brisk spring weather is a wonderful environment for growth. 

Opposed to carrots? Bush beans are a perfect vegetable to be planted when there is no longer a risk for frost. This is a single harvest crop, which makes for a great option if garden space is tight. Bush beans are classically cooked into baked beans, which is a popular side dish for the warmer months. 

For veteran gardeners or those just starting out, springtime provides a lot of options to turn that thumb green.  

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