Favorites of Fantasy

A Selection of Must Read Fantasy Books

Favorites of Fantasy

Angelina Nunez

One of my favorite genres of books by far is fantasy. When reading fantasy, it is like entering a world completely different from ours. In honor of my love for fantasy novels, I cultivated a list of some of my top five favorite fantasy books that I highly recommend.  

The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune is a cozy and heartwarming read. A very cute story about kids with special abilities. The main character, Linus, is a social worker that goes to foster homes of those special children to examine if the home is run properly. Through Linus’s job he meets a wonderfully bright and strange family that he grows to love. I am very glad I picked up this book because it is a beautiful read. It is full of metaphors, laughter, and beautiful imagery.  

Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh constantly kept me on my toes. Flame in the Mist is story set in feudal Japan. The main character, Mariko, is on her way to her unwanted arranged marriage when her carriage is attacked. We follow Mariko on her mission to discover and punish the men who attempted to take her life. This story is full of twists and suspense through Mariko’s journey. This book is among my favorite books I have ever read, and it’s something I would recommend to anyone interested. 

Scythe by Neal Shusterman is definitely one of the more cool and interesting fantasy books I’ve read. In Scythe we follow Citra and Rowan as their training to master the art of taking life in a world with no war, hunger, disease, or misery. A world without any external conflicts is seemingly perfect but their society quickly finds that overpopulation is becoming more and more of an issue, which is why they recruit people like Citra and Rowan who will take those extra lives. The concept itself is really different, I had never read another book like it. If you’re looking for something with high stakes and the feel of a completely different world, I highly recommend Scythe. 

A Song of Wraths and Ruin by Rosanne A. Brown is another book that has such an interesting concept with a unique world build. Readers follow Malik as he discovers new things and meets new people away from his war-stricken home. The story is filled with kings and queens, assassinations, mystery, and intriguing magic. If you are looking for a story with intense world building and lots of drama, A Song of Wraths and Ruin is the book for you. 

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a classic with fantasy and dystopian readers, especially with the movie adaptations. For those who do not know what the book is about, it is a story where every year two kids from every one of the twelve districts compete to the death. The reward for the winner is a little fame and money, but they are forced to compete in the competition. We follow Katniss as she takes her sister’s place in the competition and navigates her way through the challenge. In my experience, The Hunger Games is an amazing book to read if you’re in a reading slump. With the amazing story telling and imagery, it really feels like you are in the book. Also, with The Hunger Games trilogy trending again on social media it is a nice nostalgic read.  

Each of these five books hold a special place in my heart, and I would love for other readers to check them out and find them as enjoyable as I do.