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Covid, Is It Really Over?


Almost three years post-pandemic, and it would be safe to say that most people think that we are out of the woods. With mask policies almost nonexistent in public spaces, social distancing practices, and the comeback of concerts, events and restaurants, the quarantine seems far behind us. But is it really?  

Over the past four years, there have been multitude of strands of COVID. The new strand making waves around the country, according to CBS News, is the JN.1 variant. It makes up 90% of all US COVID cases, and although case numbers are plateauing across the country, they are not decreasing.  

Even then, case numbers have been peaking and volleying across the country since quarantine restrictions have been let up across the nation. Even in Calvert County, cases have been popping up more and more. 

Even with the increased cases, it can’t be ignored that most of us are working through day-to-day life. With no masks, no quarantines, and just a few days at home to recover from COVID, people go right back to work or school. It’s a staggering reality compared to one’s life three years ago. 

No matter how small COVID might be in day-to-day life now, it is important to stay vigilant, testing when exposure has happened and masking whenever necessary are ways to do this. The world might be done with COVID, but there’s no telling if COVID is done with the world just yet.  


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