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The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes Serves Mystery With a Side of Love Triangle on a Silver Platter


The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is the second of The Inheritance Games book series, continuing the story of Avery Grambs as she unravels the secrets behind her mysterious fortune.  

This book picks up right where the first left off, no awkward time gaps that might have readers confused with what they missed. The cliff hanger that The Inheritance Games left on paves the path for the beginning of the second book as certain clues hint to Avery having a more complex connection to the Hawthorne family than she once thought. The Hawthorne grandsons continue to build their relationships with her, all in their own unique way that lead her to distract her from her goals.  

One thing that prominently develops in this book that was more of a side plot in the last was the love triangle between Avery and two of the grandsons, Jameson and Grayson. Avery and Jameson have constant banter and flirtation that follows them through the book, and as the riddles of the The Hawthorne fortune become more complicated, so does their relationship. Avery and Grayson’s relationship, on the other hand, has more tension and maturity, which eventually causes them both to lose sight of what they really want out of the fortune. 

The exciting puzzle-solving tension persists throughout this second book. With the continued confusion on Avery’s part, it has the capability to make readers feel like they are the ones fighting for the fortune. The plot may stray from time to time, but those loose points are what keep the mystery alive and interesting. This second book also ends on a massive cliffhanger which may seem like overkill but if you are invested in the series, it adds to the whole conundrum. 

For those who love a mystery, this series is a must. Just be sure to start with the first book in the series: The Inheritance Games before reading this one. To check out a review of The Inheritance Games written by yours truly, it can be found at under entertainment.

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