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Some First Class Tips To Get You Through Registration Week

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Registration has arrived, and as a junior myself, figuring out what classes to take for senior year can be quite a daunting task. For any of those who may be struggling with senior year scheduling, here are some pieces of information to keep in mind when making final decisions. 

Registration day this year is on February 21 during first period. Students will receive their registration form in the morning and get it signed by all their teachers throughout the day. After registration day, Counselors will be available February 21-23 and 26-28 during lunch periods in the cafeteria to chat about any questions students may have about entering courses into HAC or general scheduling. February 28th is the final day for all students to submit their course requests in HAC, as well as having their registration form and signed early release forms signed and submitted to math teachers. 

Along with speaking with counselors during lunch periods, students can also request an individual appointment to meet with their counselor via these links: Dr. Perry, Last names A-E 

Mrs. ONeill, Last names F-J, Mrs. Ponti, Last names K-Q, Ms. Gray, Last names R-Z . To many students, having individual meetings with a counselor seems a bit overkill but having a one-on-one relationship with them can be extremely beneficial. Regularly meeting and/or emailing with a counselor gives them a better understanding of each student’s personal needs and goals and therefore sets them up for ultimate academic success when creating a schedule.  

Making multiple “mock schedules” can also be a beneficial exercise to practice when picking out classes for the following year. Often for seniors, there are many free periods ready to be filled. Depending on which pathways students are involved in or extra curriculars that come into play, building a schedule just comes down to how busy the student wants to be. By re-arranging classes into different “mock schedules” students can play with where they would like their priorities to lie the following year. For underclassmen, creating a list of required classes and checking them off as they are completed is an excellent way to plan for the future and ensure the maximum amount of space in your schedule for senior year.

Lastly, pay attention to when the counselors come to speak during class periods. Usually, these mini’ assemblies carry an abundance of information and answer tons of questions. If you are not one to seek out an individual meeting, asking questions in a group setting can be a bit less daunting and help more than one person in the process. Counselors tend to pack the most asked questions in one session with multiple students to limit repetition, so keep those listening ears on. 

Registration brings on a mixture of feelings, especially for incoming seniors. Many things may not be controllable, but by coming in with a plan and keeping up an active relationship with your counselor, registration week isn’t as scary as it seems. 

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