CHS Mock Trial season comes to an end

The CHS Mock Trial team finished their presentation in district competition of the 2018-19 case: Maryland v Biff Tannen.  

The team attended their third competition against St. Mary’s Ryken at the St. Mary’s Circuit Court on Feb 14.  

Accompanied by sponsor Ms. Margaret Land, the team’s defense members gave their second and final presentation of the case.  

Seniors Dominic Fiore, Clare Thompson, and Angel Kontra competed at attorneys on behalf of the defense. With revised opening and closing statements, new and improved questions, and second-time confidence, they set a strong foundation for their case. Able to use note-cards and think on the spot, CHS attorneys remained composed and confident through both cross examination and objections made by opposing counsel.  

Seniors Gabrielle Bubin, McKenzie Eller, and junior Emily Shrieves competed as witnesses for the defense. Through their knowledge of the case and assuming the roles of their characters, they were able to create believable personas and deflect leading questions of the opposing counsel.  

The verdict for the defense was not guilty on the harassment charge, but guilty on the charges of misuse of electronic communication. The final score came to 56-53 Calvert, and all-star recognition was awarded to members Bubin and Kontra. 

The team’s last competition against St. Charles, initially scheduled for Jan 29, was rescheduled for Wednesday Feb 20 at the Calvert County Circuit Court where the prosecution would give their final presentation of the case; however due to inclement weather, again both Calvert and Charles county schools were closed.  

The second cancellation meant the end of the district season competition. The team finishes with two wins and one loss by a tie point. Despite many new changes including a new sponsor, a last-minute substitution, and first-time performances, the 2018-19 season was a successful one.  

To be considered for advancement to state-level competition, the team will be scored based on averages and verdicts of the three competitions members were in attendance.  

Be sure to congratulate the team and its sponsors on a great season and listen up for updates on the team’s advancement.