Springy Dress-Code proof outfit inspiration

Angel Kontra, Editor

Maryland’s bitter chill has finally given away to nice sunny days, and the sweaters are going away for the season. The sudden change in weather means sniffles and allergies, the start of spring athletics, and a new challenge of staying cool amid the humidity for CHS students. To beat the heat and stay within the dress code guidelines, here are some outfit and in-style suggestions for the spring.  

 Layering, layering, layering! Matching a piece meant for colder weather with one meant for warmer weather is the perfect way to make a comfy, yet stylish, spring fit. Pairing a favorite hoodie under a sports jersey, a toasty cardigan with a fun-patterned tank top, or a slip/overall dress with a light long sleeve shirt are just a few examples of how to incorporate this trend into spring looks.  

Last year flowy patterned pants flooded the halls, and this year they’re back again. With the pants as a center piece, making an outfit is effortless; choose a simple, solid colored shirt, grab some slip-on shoes, and boom, an easy breezy spring outfit.  

Lazy people can cry fashionable tears of joy with jump suits and two pieces. What could possibly be easier than having a matching set already together? Along with the simplicity of these outfits, they are also very trendy and bold. 

Utilize strips to create illusions and tie the growing popular 90’s aesthetic into spring style; vertical stripes on the legs are elongating and elegant, and colorful horizontal stripes help to bring a piece of the 90’s to contemporary fashion.    

Shoes are the key to completing a perfect outfit, and this season “Jesus sandles”/ Birkenstocks and chunky statement sneakers are in. Both are comfortable, easy to personalize, and are a great transition piece for the warmer weather.  

Beat Maryland’s spring humidity and stay out of dress code trouble with these fashion/ style tips this season. Remember to be creative and make these trends your own. Happy spring! 

Please comment below anymore suggestions we may have missed below and part two may feature your suggestions.