Stay Positive: Finding the Benefits of Working From Home

Stay Positive: Finding the Benefits of Working From Home

Madison Conner, Contributor

During these unprecedented and troubling times, students all over the country have adapted to new societal changesMany have altered their routines in order to keep their lives productive. Though everyday life is now completely different for students, the new platform of working at home has many benefits.  

Some students really like the independent nature of the digital format; however, there are others who may be struggling to find the positives. Many students around the county have adapted well and are continuing to find an optimistic view of their “new normal” by sharing their favorite thing about completing their schoolwork online.  

The new flexible schedule offers those who enjoy late nights, early mornings, or busy schedules the luxury of creating a schedule that is best for them. This offers the opportunity for students to work at a pace that is effective for them. Those who need to spend more time on a topic can now do so without falling behind. This also allows students to eat at reasonable hours. Many students are relieved to eat lunch at a time of their choice, rather than the usual 10:15 am lunch hour. 

Being able to get a reasonable amount of sleep is also beneficial for students. It is much easier to learn and retain information when well-rested and awake. Working in pajamas or comfortable clothing can also be easier to work in and save time in the morning, without worrying about “dress to impress”.  

The new at-home learning platform can offer a more efficient work experience with instruction that is straightforward, significant, and due within a reasonable time frame. This also offers less pressure from teachers to complete work one way.  Students can learn in a way that is most beneficial to them, not a class majority. There are many ways students can get creative and find the tools that help them succeed. This can include online tools, like KhanAcademy, or finding YouTube videos that explain the material. 

Students, and teachers, are also able to create a workspace that suits their specific needs. Some popular options for those who would normally work at home are high tables or standing desks. These are much healthier than sitting for more than three hours. The workspace flexibility also includes options outdoors in the sun and fresh air, or near areas with natural light 

Working at home is also known to develop independent working and learning skills. The luxury of a partner or a classmate to ask for help is not as easy. Students must find creative ways to collaborate or motivate themselves to complete their tasks. In the same way, distracting classmates are no longer a problem. For those who prefer to work in silence, this can be extremely helpful, but for those who work best in groups, it can be a challenge. Students must take initiative to complete their work to the best of their ability and on time, helping to develop responsibilityself-discipline, and creative collaboration skills. 

The new online learning platform also offers students to be creative and learn in the way that best suits them. Some courses have offered assignments that students can choose between or give them activities that will benefit them mentally. For example, in music classes, students are offering meditation or relaxation assignments to help students minimize stress. 

Though some students struggle with distance learning and online platforms, it is necessary to make the best of this temporary change. The skills that we develop will be useful in future learning, communicating, and work experiences. Finding the things that make our “new normal” manageable will keep students going until they can return to their normal routines.