The Drama Behind the Scenes

Angelique Gingras, Contributer

The Calvert High School broadcast room is bustling with excitement each morning. As staff and students are ready to start a brand-new day, the students in Mrs. Cortney Costello’s class are preparing for the daily morning announcements. This year, the class is composed of 10 young ladies who pursue interest in journalism, newspaper, or broadcasting.

The students do it because they love it, but the job isn’t as easy as it seems. Journalism is not only a class, but also a club. The club meets Wednesdays and Thursdays during lunch, where students create segments for the show.

The normal routine for the class begins with the script writing that includes announcements about sports, lunch, guidance, etc. Next is the preparation of the show’s streaming, which is run by freshman Teagan Gates and sophomore Angel Kontra. This role includes setting up the dates and adding special clips for the announcements. Lastly, right before the show time, the newscasters junior Christen Homes and freshmen Lola Nyugen and Angel Gingras put on their sensational school spirit and their sparkly smiles. Action!