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    Calvert High’s Student Chick-fil-a Leader Academy Takes a Trip to Barstow Elementary

    Flirtisha Harris
    Calvert High Schools Chick-fil-a Student Leader Academy

    Just this past Friday, Calvert High’s Chick-fil-a sponsored student Leader Academy took a field trip to Barstow Elementary School to participate in the Books-a-Million community service initiative.  

    Though most people in Calvert know of Barstow Elementary, the Chick-fil-a Leader Academy may be more foreign territory. The Chick-fil-a Leader Academy is a high school leadership program designed at the national level. With the slogan “Impact through Action” the Chick-fil-a Leader Academy’s aim is to allow students the availability for the real-world application of leadership skills. With a unique curriculum, students learn to excel in real-world situations that the program guides you through.  

    For this trip, Calvert’s student ambassador this year Aliya Shazad and the clubs’ sponsor, Ms. Flirtisha Harris, guided the group through their first service initiative: Books-A-Million. Books-A-Million is a Chick-fil-a Leader Academy sponsored service project with the goal of giving away over 1 million books nationwide.  At Barstow Elementary, Calvert’s Chick-fil-a student leaders gave over 200 books to 1st grade students.  

    Shazad said, “Personally, I think seeing all the kids faces really made my day. It was so exciting to see how the little kids lit up.” 

    Ms. Harris said, “This was an amazing experience. The kids were super excited. They were not only excited about the gifts but also the books, and they acknowledged that reading was important. I think our community service here at Barstow Elementary was a great success.” 

    The Chick-fil-a Leader Academy could always use more excited, passionate, and determined leaders to join their program. Readers should read more about the program and keep up with the school’s academy’s progress to consider joining up next fall or contacting Ms. Harris to learn more about joining this year. Whether someone is passionate about leading in the community, service projects, or helping the less fortunate, there is always a way to make a difference in the community with the Leader Academy.  

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