Super Bowl Commercials Entertains Audiences

The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks competed in the 48Super Bowl on Feb 2, 2014. This event captures the attention of many different viewers, even non-football fans, because of its popularity. Businesses and Providers are very of aware of this fact; therefore, they produce and air the best commercials in order to entice the consumers. This year the ads were not as strong as past years, but there were many good ones. The following is a list of the best ads from this super bowl with descriptions of each (not in any particular order).

1: Pistachio- This commercial had two parts. The first part involves a man with an eagle persuading people to buy pistachios. Then, after a break from a different company’s commercial, the man and eagle reappeared; they and the room were all green like the inside of a pistachio. Then, the man’s head turned into a pistachio which he cracked open.

2: Beats- This ad features Ellen Degeneres using Beats while dancing to many different varieties of music. In her dancing journey, she encountered Goldie Locks and the three bears.

3: Met Life Stadium- Schroeder, the quiet and musical character from Charlie Brown, was playing the piano in the middle of the stadium in which the super bowl was held. Then all of the Peanuts joined him on the field and danced to his music.

4: Chevy-  This was a very sad and heartfelt commercial. The ad began with an older couple driving in their Chevy truck. The song “Don’t Leave” by Ane Burn started to play as they looked at one another. The wife had been diagnosed with cancer. Once the song began to play, the husband in wife looked deep in each other’s eyes and began to cry, making the audience tear up along with them.  This commercial not only advertised the chevy trucks, but also promoted World Cancer Day on Feb. 4. This ad almost made me cry as much as I did after the very first play of the game when Peyton Manning, Denver Bronco quarterback and my childhood hero, missed the snap allowing the Seattle Seahawks to score a safety.

5: McDonalds- NFL stars and the quarterbacks from the previous super bowl, Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco, as well as 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh were given high pitched voices while rapping about the things they love to eat at McDonalds.

6: T-Mobile No Contract Phones- Former NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow, explains to the viewers that contracts are not needed. To prove his point, he shows many of the things he has done in life without an NFL contract, such as rescue puppies and tackle bigfoot.

7: Car Max- In this commercial a man purchases a car and drives out of the parking lot pleased. A ‘slow clap’ begin as people from around the town clapping for the man. This action is a spin-off of the movie Rudy. In the movie the character Rudy gets a slow clap as a Notre Dame walk on football player. The man who played Rudy, Sean Astin, even got a cameo in the ad.

The Super Bowl, in my personal opinion, was very disappointing, but as always the super bowl commercials did not fail. They brought forth much emotion in the viewers, such as happiness, laughter, sadness, and empthy.