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New Year’s Resolutions That Fail to Stick Around

New Years Resolutions That Fail to Stick Around

New Years Resolutions are one of the most common traditions to ring in the new year. From losing weight, to setting academic and professional goals, these are most common 2024 New Years’ Resolutions.  

According to USA Today, losing weight or hitting the gym was the most common resolution by far. Many people view the New Year as a fresh start to get healthier, establish new habits and routines, and live a more active lifestyle. Unfortunately, exercising more is also one of the most failed resolutions, with most new gym memberships made in the new year cancelled before the end of February.  

Another popular one this year was to save more money. With inflation prices and the cost of living only getting higher, many people have no choice but to scrape and save where they can. This means no extra trips to the salon, less streaming subscriptions, and secondhand thrift stores becoming a new best friend.  

Spending more time with friends and family is also rising in popularity for resolutions. With the stress of jobs and the ever-looming presence of social media and phones, many people are finding themselves missing the real-life human connection of seeing family more. This resolution comes swinging at the height of social media and internet influence on daily lives, and it is one that will continue to find its way at the top of every resolution list in the upcoming years.  

Improving mental health was also an important resolution for many people this year. After getting over the two-year bump that was the pandemic, a lot of people are still struggling with the mental health effects that came of it. Whether they were quarantined by themselves or with their whole family, everyone’s mental health took a hit during that long pause of normal life. Whether someone is getting back into therapy or starting brand new, getting better is a top priority for many resolution-makers.  

Holding oneself accountable for resolutions is important to keeping and completing your goals but remember not to be too harsh on yourself. Life gets busy and so do people. While completing resolutions is always gratifying and fulfilling, finding new ones throughout the year is also a big accomplishment. Keep in mind, it is never too late to start a resolution.  

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