UD Wind Ensemble Performs Concert at Northern High School

On Thursday, April 13, the UD Wind Ensemble performed their Outreach Tour at Northern High School.

The UD Wind Ensemble (UDWE) is a group of the most elite musicians at the University of Delaware. They have performed all over the world, including Prague, Spain, and Barcelona. Recently, the band performed their outreach tour, where they travelled throughout Maryland to play side-by-side with different students across the state.

“We get to meet a bunch of schools and student classes. It’s really awesome,” said UD Wind Ensemble’s clarinetist, Kurt Hammen.

Members of CCPS’s music department were invited to do workshops with UD Band members who played the same instruments. In these workshops, students learned warmups and playing tips. They were also able to have a Q&A with members of the UDWE.

“My goal was to expose the Calvert High School Band Students to what band is like outside of Highschool,” said Mr. Derek Dillman, conductor of Calvert High and Alumni from UD. “Also, to give [the students] experience of playing with high-class musicians!”

Students were able to ask various questions to the UDWE. They were able to get to know members of the band, learning their stories, experiences, and reasons behind choosing music as something to pursue. Seven students from Calvert High School’s ensemble were chosen to play alongside the UDWE.

“[The UD Wind Ensemble] knows how to have fun, and they also focus a lot on the music! It’s evident how much time and effort they put into their rehearsals to make their music sound as unified as a band,” said CHS senior Katharyn MacDonald, who played with the UD Wind Ensemble.

The night ended with an enjoyable concert from the Calvert, Northern, and U wind ensembles. The event left many musicians that night inspired to do more in the future.

“Seeing so many people that are passionate about music and are still doing it in college is really cool! I’m glad I was able to experience a concert like this,” said freshman saxophonist Jordan Dugué.