Letter to the Class of 2026 from a 2022 Graduate


Dear Incoming Freshmen,

Welcome to the Cavalier family! As you begin to transition out of middle school and into high school, you might be feeling excited, anxious, or intimidated. You might also be wondering what is in store for you in high school. Will you be able to make new friends? Will you finally be able to wear what makes you happy? What kind of memories are you bound to make by the time senior year rolls around? What if you end up not having a good time?

All of these questions might begin to swirl in your head like a whirlwind of perplexities. Don’t freak out! It’s completely normal to be nervous to start something completely new. As an incoming freshman, four years can seem like an excruciatingly long time to spend in school, and you can’t help but wonder how this next step in your life will change you as an individual and the people around you. As seniors, we completely relate to this feeling of anxiety and uncertainty surrounding freshman year because we feel the same way about becoming college freshmen. Instead of worrying about the next four years, it’s important to zero in on how you can make the most out of your first year of high school.

To ease yourself into your life in high school, it’s best to find a way to make yourself at home within our community. Try to get comfortable with yourself, your peers, and your classes. Getting acquainted with your new school can seem overwhelming and scary when doing it alone. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone new, speak up in class, and get to know your new teachers. One great thing about our school is that there will always be someone who is willing to help. During the first few weeks of school, take a moment to experience high school in a different perspective.

Since your entire class is experiencing freshman year for the first time, you can be assured that you will not be going through it alone. Surround yourself with supportive people, both underclassmen and upperclassmen, who can help guide you through your first year and provide comfort and helpful advice. Another great way to get used to high school is to involve yourself in your community. Some great ways to do this is through clubs and volunteering. Joining clubs that interest you can introduce you to not only people who share the same interests as you, but you can also cultivate new values and interests you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Since high school is a great time to get to know yourself and embrace your identity, joining clubs and making connections is a great idea.

Don’t be afraid to work hard and live in the moment. During high school, it is important to learn how to balance your social life and your work. Some classes and extracurriculars will require you to work harder than others, but it’s completely necessary in terms of building up your character. Don’t shy away from trying your hand at classes and programs that might not initially interest you. Take a challenging math class, take dual enrollment classes, and aim to be a leader in the classroom and the community.

Another great way to make the most of out of your time in high school is to give yourself enough time to take breaks. This is important for your mental and social health and allows you to make realistic choices for your future decisions. Enjoy the time you have with your friends and family, and strive to make lasting memories with them.

Allow yourself and your environment to grow and change. High school is the perfect place to embrace who you will become and who you are as an individual. There will be times where you’ll feel like you’ve got everything figured out, and there will also be times where you feel like the world is moving way too fast without you. During these times, lean on the people that love and support you. It’s okay to not have everything figured out. It’s okay to let yourself discover something new. As you blossom into the person you are beginning, put yourself in position to learn how to love yourself through this process.

Your CHS family is excited for you to learn more about yourself over the course of the next four years in your new home!


LaNaiah Frieson

CHS Class of 2022