CHS Double Edge Productions “Switches Things Up” with Freaky Friday


Madison Conner, Editor

Calvert High School’s theatre troupe, Double Edge Productions, has produced an excellent opening weekend, April 1-3, featuring the musical Freaky Friday, an adaptation of the original Disney movies. 

Many students worked exceptionally hard to bring the story to life through their performance, building and painting sets, costume designs, and musical accompaniment. After many weeks of preparation, the theatre department created a stunning and comedic performance that left the audience smiling. 

Since this production is the first musical since 2019, Double Edge Productions has been nervous and excited about producing a musical that displays their hard work and talent. 

“One of the biggest challenges we have faced this year was not having a cast or crew that was experienced in producing musicals. It was new to a lot of people, and we didn’t have experienced upper classmen to pass along their knowledge,” said CHS Theatre Director Mrs. Cortney Costello.  

Although this is true, the cast and crew have created something of which to be proud. “I am excited that we are back on stage again after so long, and that the kids get to be a part of a musical again. I am so glad that they can finally produce something that they love and enjoy,” said Mrs. Costello. 

The musical is about a working mother and her rebellious teenage daughter who switch bodies after a fight and are forced to experience the other’s life for an entire day. In addition to figuring out a way to switch their bodies back, they also must solve problems in their day-to-day lives. Through a multitude of twists and turns, both mother and daughter learn how to work in harmony and understand each other better. 

“I was super excited to play a mother-daughter duo with my best friend, [junior] Faith Humphreys. We worked so well together, and it was really special to spend my first and last musical performing with her,” said senior Caroline Annan. 

There are two more chances to see Freaky Friday, April 8 and 9 at 7:00pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door with cash, or online at Adult admission is $12, and students and seniors are $8.