Educators Rising: Securing Future Educators


As high school students contemplate their future careers post-graduation, they might feel inspired to follow in the footsteps of their beloved teachers. Now more than ever, students who are contemplating their majors are being encouraged to explore their love for education and embrace the prospect of pursuing a teaching career.  

Educators Rising (ER), a national program implemented in CHS through the Teacher Academy of Maryland pathway, was brought to Calvert High School in 2012 by CHS teacher Ms. Deanna Cwalina to help educate and guide current high school students who aspire to become teachers. In the program, members of Educators Rising engage in team building projects, work with local teacher mentors, and hear from guest speakers.  

Senior McKenzie Conner, one of the officers of Educators Rising, believes that the program is a supportive environment in which students can explore a possible educational career path. “I think a lot of students at CHS have trouble figuring out what they want to do after high school, so ER can serve as a place where all students can explore a career in the education system in a low-pressure situation,” said Conner. 

“I believe this club will help students gain more knowledge on the path they want to go in their future and have them know that even if teaching isn’t your first choice, many of the teachers at our school have switched to teaching from their original careers,” said senior Jessi Trilli, an officer in Educators Rising. 

Through Educators Rising, members get the opportunity to work with teacher mentors during lunch and get hands-on experience interning at local elementary schools. This year, the members can look forward to having senior interns as well as TAM alumni as guest speakers. 

“This allows us to grasp the idea of being a teacher in many different aspects,” said Halei Long, a senior officer in Educators Rising. 

All students, even those who are not currently enrolled in the TAM program, are encouraged to join Educators Rising if they are interested in education, working with kids, and potentially enrolling in the TAM pathway. Educators Rising provides students with a fun and relaxed environment to cultivate their interests. 

Educators Rising meets the first Wednesday of every month in Ms. Cwalina’s room (303) during B-lunch. ER members aim to ensure that beyond the classroom all students interested in education have a solid foundation to launch their careers. Through ER, Calvert offers a bright and secure path for future educators.