CHS Course Options that You May Not Have Heard Of: English

CHS Course Options that You May Not Have Heard Of: English

CHS registration for the 2022-2023 school year is fast approaching, leading students to make difficult choices regarding how they will spend their days at school. Students are constantly told about rigorous courses, mainly centered on core subjects like English, mathematics, science and social studies, and often miss out of some of the less known and more interesting classes that are offered.

CHS has many great, but often unexplored, courses to offer, many of which have increased in class size since their inception. Some of these courses, listed below, are great opportunities to gain new perspectives on society, the country, or the globe.

Journalism I

Journalism I is a class that studies the use of media in society today. Throughout the course, students will explore how media is used intentionally, and how to create their own forms of media, including writing articles and creating news segments. Journalism hones skills like writing, design, and research, as well as provides students with a creative outlet.

This class is offered to all students who are interested in media coverage, with no prerequisites. Participants will be given the opportunity to help produce the morning announcements or publish articles online. This class does not have an overwhelming workload and is a great space for creativity and collaboration. Journalism I  can be a prerequisite for students to continue growing and specify their skills by taking Journalism II: Newspaper, or Journalism II: Broadcast in the future.

“The journalism program offers students the chance to improve their communication and leadership skills, their understanding of how journalism/news differs around the world, and their ability discern the difference between news fact and news commentary,” said the teacher of the course, Ms. Costello. “In the upper-level courses, we also produce the CHS online newspaper and the daily morning broadcast. Oh! We also have a lot of fun!”


Yearbook is a class during the school day that makes the yearbook using graphic design and is a great opportunity to be creative and help develop something to have forever and be proud of.

The class is low pressure and, other than submission deadlines and keeping up with pages, is a great way to have some days to work on classwork for other courses. This course is intended for juniors and seniors but can be available to sophomores who have shown maturity and creativity.

Yearbook could be a first step in graphic design for those interested and could be a great GPA boost, if needed. This course is taught by Mr. Charles Morgan. “Yearbook can be really fun and rewarding, so grab a friend and sign up for 1530,” said Morgan.

An option for a semester course, instead of a full year writing course, could be creative writing. Creative writing is taught by Mrs. Stephanie Milton and is open to all students.

There are many course options for students who are selecting classes to fill their schedules, some of which are intended to be interesting and more focused on students’ interests. As students are filling out their registration forms, they should consider taking new classes that interest them or could introduce a new perspective. All course descriptions are listed in the course booklet that was distributed during the first high school registration and see guidance with any further questions.