“Encanto” Touches the Hearts of All Ages

Encanto Touches the Hearts of All Ages

The movie Encanto is a touching musical that provides the delight we seriously need amid these rough times. 

Encanto is an animated movie released in theaters on November 24, 2021, and currently available on Disney Plus. The movie follows an ordinary girl finding her place within her magical family in an extraordinary house in Colombia. Filled with Hispanic culture, charming characters, hilarious moments, and emotional journeys, it is an enjoyable film for all ages. Those who understand the main character Mirabel’s struggle to find a purpose will connect most with the movie and take away a lot when it is finished. This movie was made for those who feel like they don’t belong, and it is almost guaranteed to provide comfort and smiles. 

I went into this movie not knowing what it was about and not expecting much. Yet what appeared to me at first as merely a movie for children turned out to be emotionally moving, as the main character’s hardships are relatable and provide much-needed reassurance. The analogy of being left without any special gift within a family where everyone else has a gift can be a meaningful metaphor for many who feel left out or emotionally neglected. 

This movie encourages the values of unity, family, and love triumphing over all. A theme of valuing differences is expressed. I believe the film’s makers hope to teach young viewers that family is a unique and binding love that will guide you through both good and bad times. 

The movie could have used more plot complexity. It was understandably simple for a movie with a young audience, but it still could have used some more intricacy to keep it interesting for the duration of the nearly two-hour-long movie. 

On another note, a certain character who had treated characters poorly never fully apologized for her actions. Her behavior was simply accepted and forgiven by the main characters, which is nice for the film’s ending of peace and understanding. However, the main characters shouldn’t have had to endure the wrongdoings, and I feel that a heartfelt apology and a display of how the character is no longer treating her family members in this way would have been a clear sign to the wide audience of children. Emotional learning is vital in young children and showing them how the situation should be dealt with properly would have been beneficial. Even more significant would have been the demonstration to young audiences that adults can be in the wrong and apologize. However, the movie possibly didn’t have time for such details. Its creators may have assumed that audiences would see the family at a peaceful understanding and imply that the character would cease her insensitive and selfish behavior, learning to treat her family members kindlier and respect who they are. 

It goes without saying that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s previous works (Hamilton, In the Heights, Vivo, Moana) are worldwide sensations. Anyone who is a fan of this music will love the music in Encanto. Miranda’s catchy songs are accompanied by an amazing instrumental score that reflects the culture and tone of the movie. One song, We Don’t Talk About Bruno, has become so surprisingly popular that it hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 on January 24. 

I highly recommend watching this movie with as many family members as possible. Everyone will find a character to relate to, and the movie’s humor, vibrant music, and emotional story make it a valuable watch.