CHS Students Excel in Leadership Through the MAC Scholars Program

CHS Students Excel in Leadership Through the MAC Scholars Program

The MAC (Minority Achievement Committee) Scholars Program, a national organization at Calvert High School that is focused on spreading positivity toward students of color through promoting confidence, respect, and leadership, is co-sponsored by Mr. James Johnson and Dr. Chevy White. The program was brought to CHS to provide an open space for students of color to share ideas and build each other up.  

MAC Scholars values mentorship, academic achievement, and strives to instill integrity through an emphasis on community outreach. Alongside embracing marginalized groups of students attending Calvert High, members of MAC Scholars are given the opportunity to mentor young children in the Calvert County community to set them up for success in their future academic and social endeavors. 

Freshman Liron Frieson, one of the program’s newest active members, believes that MAC Scholars accomplishes their goal of raising up a new generation of leaders in the community. “I love how MAC Scholars brings together and strengthens a community of minority students who are collectively looking to promote change in our society,” said Frieson. “As a freshman, this club has helped me not only find friends, but also navigate the ins and outs of high school and life in general.” 

In their meetings, members of MAC Scholars meet with the sponsors to discuss plans for future local school and college visits. Members are also given a space to engage in open discussions about current social issues that the community faces and work together to brainstorm and carry out ways in which they can combat them. 

This year, MAC Scholars plans to potentially partner with the CAV Student Leadership Program alongside Calvert High School’s African American Club and Destined for Success program to create the February advisory lesson on African American history and cultural appreciation. 

Even if a prospective member is not a part of the African American community or male, all minority students of any gender are encouraged to join. MAC Scholars is open to anyone that is dedicated to making a difference in their community through leadership and mentorship. 

MAC Scholars meets in Mr. Voshell’s classroom (302) every Wednesday during A-lunch.