CHS Students Embrace Conversation Through African American Club


LaNaiah Frieson, Contributor

During the summer of 2020, people around the world witnessed a second major uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement following the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. For students across the country, the harsh treatment that troubled their Black parents and grandparents quickly became a sudden reality for them as well. Due to the pandemic, many students were disconnected from their friends and family, and were given limited access to systems meant to support them during such a tense time. 

African American Club, a club at Calvert High School that is focused on providing a safe space for students to actively engage in difficult but necessary conversations, was started last school year by Ms. Olubukola Adeshiyan preceding the murder of George Floyd and countless other victims of systemic racism. Members of the club are not only given an opportunity to freely converse about their takes on different societal issues, but the club also promotes education on Black issues, culture, and history. 

Junior Kendyl Hawkins, President of Calvert’s 2021-2022 Chapter of African American Club, believes the club accomplishes their goal of pursuing change through open conversation and education. “In a world where there is not much unity, a club like this is so necessary and so important,” said Hawkins. “I am so honored to be a representative of this club, and I hope that many more of you will join us as we continue to push for unity, inclusiveness, and equality!” 

African American Club values authentic connections, strives to promote active listening, and stresses the importance of empathy despite different perspectives. During their meetings, members of AAC engage in open discussions about current societal issues within the Black community and how the past has contributed toward said issues. Members of the club pursue activism through brainstorming and carrying out ways to educate those in our community on systemic issues. 

AAC has already begun to break barriers in our community through partnerships with other CHS organizations. Last year, AAC members partnered with CAV Culture during a virtual panel discussion on Black mental health about how members of the community have been impacted by the pandemic as well as the second uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement.  

This year, AAC plans to partner with the CAV Student Leadership Program alongside MAC Scholars and Destined for Success to create the February advisory lesson on African American history and cultural appreciation. They also plan to work with Destined for Success to create and submit weekly videos to be shown on the morning announcements displaying the beauty of African American history throughout the month of February. 

Even if a prospective member is not a part of the African American community, they are still encouraged to join. AAC is open to anyone that is dedicated to making a difference in their community and willing to engage in difficult conversations. 

African American Club meets in Ms. Adeshiyan’s classroom (322) every Wednesday during B-lunch. 

AAC 2021-2022 Members
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