Go Beyond with Anime Club!


Anime Club, a brand-new club at Calvert High, was created this year by CHS counselor Ms. Billy Joe Aris who strived to connect a community of students who enjoy diving into the world of Japanese animation, manga, and culture. The club is centered on providing a safe space for students to freely express their interests with their peers.  

As students branch out and explore a vast array of unique interests throughout high school, it can be difficult to find a community where they can openly express themselves.  

In their meetings, club members are given the opportunity to forge strong connections as they watch various anime shows and have group discussions based off the plot to break the ice. In the future, they hope to host fun anime trivia contests to test their knowledge on the programs they have watched.  

This year, the club hopes to attend anime conventions and expositions, learn how to draw anime and create their own scripts, and host their own school-wide anime COMIC-CON to introduce their peers to the vast world of anime.  

Junior Spencer Flach, one of Anime Club’s active members, believes that the club provides students with an opportunity to build deeper connections with their peers through their shared interest in anime. “Anime club is full of students who are excited about anime and we all genuinely have a fun time,” said Flach. “Our group is always friendly and welcoming.” 

All students, even those who have not watched an anime series, are encouraged to join. The club is centered on uniting the student body and creating a space where all students are equal. “Anime club emphasizes positive social interaction over a shared interest rather than positions of leadership,” said Ms. Aris. “I noticed there was a large number of students who enjoyed watching anime, and it was often a topic, like sports, they could all relate to and converse about.” 

Calvert’s Anime Club meets in Ms. Lori Harberreiter’s classroom (311) on Thursdays during both lunches. Anime Club members aim to start a movement of students that are excited about embracing Japanese culture and encouraging their peers to tap into other worlds.