CHS Athletics Finishes Their Fall Season Strong

CHS Athletics Finishes Their Fall Season Strong

Madison Conner, Contributor

Calvert High School athletes represented their school proudly as they competed throughout the fall sports season. Every team’s comradery and respect for each other aided them in their hunt for a winning record.  


The Golf team finished up their season with four wins and nine losses and, although the record was not in their favor, the golf team showed tremendous improvement with the help of new underclassmen team members and second-year coach Mr. Sean Bannon.  

The team hopes to continue growing and finding success as their young team gains more experience through their junior and senior years.  

The golf team got to travel to many different courses around Southern Maryland to play with and meet new people from schools all around the area. Meeting and interacting with new people allowed the team to experience new perspectives and strategies within the game as well as make new friends.  

Senior and three-year golf team member, Steven Emeigh has enjoyed his time on the team. “This season helped grow my love for the game of golf. We have a team that I want to try to make known and create a good image of, giving me a side goal to work towards,” said Emeigh.  

The team not only grew as competitors, but also grew together as a team, and by the end of the season became close friends, celebrating every success together. 


The Cavalier Football team represented Calvert High School with great success, facing each day with a positive attitude. The team’s mantra, Be Uncommonly Great, was the driving force behind the team’s motivation that fought against disadvantages like inexperience and size differences. The varsity roster held only eight seniors, making it a challenge to compete with the level of experience of their competitors, but the Calvert Football team held firm and supported each other through the season. 

In addition to the strong football season, the team also excelled in their classes, with a 3.0 average for the first quarter. The team took the initiative to ensure their success in academics to allow eligibility, but also to represent the team positively. 

The Varsity Team held a record of six wins and five losses that included a round one playoff win against Thomas Stone, a triple overtime victory versus Westlake High School, as well as a win against our rival, Patuxent High School.  

“What happened because of our kid’s mindset is that we grew tighter and with great support from the coaches and support staff, our kids got better with each challenge.  I couldn’t be prouder of the lessons learned and the future benefits of what was learned through this year,” said head coach Mr. Rick Sneade. 

The Calvert football team has represented CHS with pride all through the season, and will continue to do so face their challenges with a positive mindset to ensure the program will continue to grow in years to come. 


Boys Varsity Soccer 

Although the season did not fall in favor of the boys varsity soccer team, they made great strides towards reintegrating themselves into a normal season. With a young and inexperienced team, CHS boys soccer focused on rebuilding connections, honing their skills, and enjoying their time together on and off the field. 

The team experienced many of their teammates scoring their first career goals, including two seniors. Although the results did not end in favor of the Cavaliers, they put up a bigger fight against Huntingtown High School and Leonardtown High School in the regular season than they have in past years. In those games, the team showed physical and mental toughness, displaying the growth they experienced through past seasons.  

Great connections made on and off the field aided their growth, and the underclassmen hope that it continues as they grow over the course of their high school careers. Many moments of exceptional teamwork and memories will be carried with every teammate.  

Senior Ryan Parker is sad to see the year end but was glad to have one last normal season before graduation. “While I do believe we should have made it further than we ended up going, the cards didn’t seem to be in our favor this year,” he said. “This season may have been the last soccer season I’ll play in, but memories of the good times will last for a lifetime.” 


Varsity Volleyball 

Girls Varsity Volleyball had a very successful season, reaching the state quarterfinals and bringing home the title of regional champions. They had a winning record, 11-7, and were active competitors throughout the postseason. 

In the second round of playoffs, the team was down 0-2 sets against LaPlata, and came back to win the next two sets to force a fifth set. They ended that set with a victory, allowing them to continue on to face Patuxent in the regional championship game. 

During the playoffs, the volleyball team faced the biggest challenge of their season but embraced it to work as a team on the court. The team experienced great growth in their teamwork all through the playoffs. Like many other teams this year, volleyball’s team morale helped them to depend on, communicate with, and trust each other, aiding them in their search for victory. Every member of the team contributed to their playoff wins in supporting their teammates and doing their jobs.  

“Our success has showed me that it’s not about how big and tall you are, if you are willing to put in the work and stay true to yourself, nothing is impossible,” said senior and team captain Karlee Hughes. “This season taught me about so much more than volleyball; I have learned life lessons and created memories that I will never forget.” 

The volleyball team hopes to continue their legacy as regional champions and hopefully push through further in the future.  

Girls Varsity Soccer 

The girls’ soccer team had a very successful season this year, including facing their opponents with no seniors on their roster. The young and inexperienced team was comprised of underclassmen, most of them having never experienced a normal high school soccer season. 

The team finished 9-6-1, and competed in the State Semi-finals.  

The soccer team was shown great support by the CHS student body, who contributed to a “fan bus” and drove to the game to create a student section at the semi-finals.  

Like the other athletic teams, the soccer team had great morale and supported each other all through their journey to the playoffs.  

“This team seems to have a special bond and always wants to practice and work hard.  They motivate me to be a better coach,” said varsity soccer Coach John Baker.  

Cross Country 

The cross-country team had a very successful year, both individually and as a team. The members’ dedication and determination pushed the team towards improvement, good morale, and many personal records.  

The boys’ team finished the season with a 10-3 record, and the girls finished 11-2. Each runner this season set their own personal record at least one time in the season, showing how much their hard work pays off. 

A team highlight was at regionals, both teams placed first, and every runner contributed well to that win. All the girls placed in the top 10 and all boys set, or were close to setting, new personal records.  

Another highlight was a normal SMAC meet at Lackey High School, where it rained during the entire race, creating large pits of mud all along the course. The team celebrated being covered in mud and pushing through challenging weather to finish the race.  

Many runners placed very highly at states, including senior Kristen Prince in third place, freshman Madison McCurry in seventh place, senior Victoria Vo in 26th place, Jack Hartsig in eighth place, junior Aidan Lundberg in 12th place, and junior David Rhodenhaver in 13th place.  

“The team’s success has encouraged me to lead, be the best version of myself, and be a positive role model for my teammates. I hope they continue to pass down, just as I had learned from past seniors, about the importance of being a team,” said Prince.  

The cross-country team spends a lot of time building team morale that contributed to their success. Everyone was able to have a place on the team and foster relationships that motivated everyone to reach their highest potential. 


Field Hockey   

Through many highs and lows during the season, the field hockey team stuck together to finish the season strong. The team faced much adversity, causing them to form a strong bond. The field hockey team had great leadership among players that contributed to each person’s success in their roles. Every athlete knew, played, and supported within their role, whether it be offense, defense, captain, or cheerleader, that fostered a foundation of trust and respect within the team.  

Field hockey finished with a 8-7 overall record, a second-place finish in the Regional Championship, a huge success over Chopticon High School, and an exciting overtime win with less than two minutes left on the game clock.  

“It takes a village,” said field hockey coach, Ms. Flirtisha Harris. “Although coaching addresses performance objectives and helps unleash the potential within each athlete is important, but it is more important to give them the reigns to take ownership of their season in writing and sharing personal and team goals that allowed them to have a voice, to be the driving force behind their desired outcome.” 

The team’s chemistry through the season supported their efforts to create unity and trust among them. This atmosphere created a comfortable room to grow and learn, encouraging future growth withing underclassmen as well. 

Every student in the athletic department shares a common goal: to represent CHS in the best way possible. The teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship within each team shows the extent to which school spirit carries through to every extracurricular activity.