CHS Students Share Their Favorite Things About Working From Home


Madison Conner, Contributor

We asked Calvert High School students: What is your favorite thing about doing schoolwork from home? 

For some, it is all about working at their own pace: 

“My favorite thing about doing schoolwork from home is that I can work ahead and do it at my own pace. While this sometimes can be overwhelming, it’s good to be working at home in a comfortable environment. I can take breaks when I need to as well. -freshman Faith Humphreys 

“My favorite thing about doing schoolwork from home is I can work at my own pace and concentrate better.” sophomore Faith Ball 

For some it is working on a schedule that fits their needs: 

“I can choose what time I know I will be most efficient to complete my work.” -freshman D’Angelo Pracht-Scott  

“I like how I can create my own schedule that works best for me.” -junior Ava Ward  

“I don’t have to eat lunch at 10 in the morning. -sophomore Ella LaVorgna 

“My favorite thing about doing school at home is that i get to sleep in.” -junior Claire Blumberg 

“Having my own schedule and being able to sleep in.” -sophomore Shayla Singletary 

 “Gets right to the point with no time wasted on classroom distractions.” -sophomore Jordan Bunting 

For others it is working in the atmosphere that they prefer: 

“I get to Spend more time outside and work in places that I am comfortable in. sophomore Madison Conner 

 My favorite thing about online schooling is that we get to lay in our pajamas all day.” -senior Ashley Verneir  

“Doing school from home has given us a much more comfortable environment to do our work in which, for a lot of students, makes it a lot easier to focus on work.  On top of that, the work we’re getting here is far less demanding and stress-inducing than the work we got during regular school, which is always beneficial mental health wise.  senior Christian Gott 

 I’ve enjoyed getting to listen to music while I work throughout the day and I don’t really have a set time during the day to do my work.” freshman Abigail Woodward 

Even staff members are enjoying the time at home: 

The quality time I am getting with my sons, being able to talk, eating meals and exercise together every day.    –Ms. Billy Joe Aris 

Even though working at home can pose challenges, it is important try and find a positive aspect to working at home so you can make it through this time away from the classroom.