March Changemakers!

March Changemakers!

Let’s Congratulate these students for the impact they have here at CHS!

Here’s what the person who nominated them had to say.

Brandon Fulcher

Brandon excels in the App Development course. He has been a leader among peers and provides thoughtful questions and support to his classmates.

David Gray

Every day he gives his best! He helps wherever it is needed and encourages others to do the same.

Anjelynn Josephine Chase

Miss Chase strives for Excellence. She is motivated, has self-discipline, actively participates in class and does great on quizzes and tests.

Dana Miller

Dana is a conscientious student who is a leader in the classroom.  She participates daily in class, gets her work done on time, she asks questions, and helps her peers when they have questions. She’s a good role model for her classmates.

Stephen Zack

Stephen is a committed, hardworking, professional student. Stephen is quiet and lets his performance do the talking.

Ava Ward

Ava just does what is right because it is the right thing to do.  She models exemplary behavior and is an academic leader.

Kyle Wojciechowski

Kyle leads his class in academic excellence. He sets a high standard and strives to meet it.

Amber Brown

Amber is a class leader and sets the standard for academic excellence. She is achieving and succeeding!

Gracie Shenberger

Gracie has worked hard this quarter to make a better effort to complete all homework assignments on time.  She has made a conscious effort to strive for excellence!

Karlee Hughes

Karlee has continued to attain high grades in class this whole year all the while balancing her year-round softball team (and now the High School Team).   Karlee has not missed an assignment this year and is always the first one to turn her work in.   Karlee has no problem being true to herself as she expresses her mature viewpoints during class discussions of text as well as in writing.  She is a pleasure to have in class, as she sets the example both in deed and word for what is expected of a Cavalier.

Nyson Andre

Every day I can count on Nyson greeting me first thing in the morning.  I have watched Nyson turn things around in my classroom which is not always an easy thing to do.  He has a great attitude about learning Math, he stays involved in the conversation and his sense of humor is welcome.  I am so grateful that I get a second chance to work with Nyson because I feel like I was able to turn things around as well.  I know I will see Nyson doing great things in his future.

Lauren Bowen

Lauren willingly takes on leadership roles in the classroom. She volunteers to lead stations during our station rotations, and she willingly assists other students who need extra help. Often, she will volunteer to help without the teacher asking her to do so. She is a natural teacher who is patient, kind, and understanding when working with other students.

Clifton Henson

Cliff is a very dependable, hardworking young man. He always shows up to class ready to learn and participate. He brings a positive attitude and tries his best to think and work through challenging activities.  Great work Cliff!

Jimmy Gray

Jimmy always gives his best effort on every assignment, and he helps other students when he can.

Astrid De Alba Guzman

Astrid always gives her best effort on everything!

Odaly Reyes-Cruz

She works very hard and gives her best effort on every assignment

Tamya Mackall

She puts thought into her responses analyzing literature and provides interesting insights.

Amber Marshall

She is respectful to our class, her peers and me. I can count on her to come ready to learn and have her work completed.

Jackie Miller

Jackie is always positive and energetic about her Art! She makes positive comments in class which are insightful and on point.  Jackie is interested in her drawing/artwork and always tries to do her best, which is always GREAT! She is curious to try new things and motivated to do well. Jackie focuses on following the directions for the assignment and has no problem asking questions when something needs clarification. Jackie is a great asset to our class!

Tyrone Crowner

Tyrone is so kind and encouraging to those around him. He has a great sense of humor. He is respectful, responsible, honest, and a positive influence to peers.

Makenna Kelsey & Justin Cunningham

Makenna and Justin are our 5th period aides in the guidance office. They always come in smiling and are always willing to help us out with anything we need. I don’t know what we’d do without Makenna and Justin!

Kamyia Savoy

Kamyia is so wonderful to work with in SGA! She has great ideas and is always willing to help with anything we need. She’s a great leader!

Alison Halstead

Excellent student athletics and academics

Shayla Singletary

Shayla works hard every day.  She strives for excellence and helps those around her while doing it in the most kind and caring way.

Ella Lavorgna/Kiley Fling

Ella and Kiley are like two fillies in a pasture. All ready to go get into some positive mischief. Be it exploring the ways to artificially inseminate a production animal to the cloning of plant strains – they are all in! They both have a “let’s get er’ done ” mentality that shows up in their daily interactions with whatever group they work with or whatever goes on their plate for the day. I enjoy having them both in class immensely.

Jamez Chase

Jamez has really stepped up this quarter.  He’s doing so much better and I just want him to know that I see it, I appreciate it, and I think it’s amazing.

Brian Kauten

Brian is doing great this quarter!  I’m so impressed with the work ethic and the dedication he is showing to his work in my class.  He’s working hard and it’s really showing and paying off.  I’m so proud of him!

Taya Harvey

Don’t let her soft voice or quiet nature fool you… this young lady has come to learn!  While some more flashy students constantly seek attention, Taya’s hard work and strong work ethic has her producing “A” work all the time.  Unlike many young people today, Taya puts in the time outside of class to succeed.  She will come into open lunch when she needs help, and have her work completed at the start of class with questions at the ready on those more challenging problems.  She does not rely on retesting to pass, but when given the chance takes full advantage of the opportunities.  She is a member of the Junior class with a very promising future.  I can’t wait to see her 5 or 10 years down the line and hear all of her successes.

Elisabeth Wilson

This young lady is another one of my amazing Honors Physics students.  Each day she comes to class ready to learn.  She picks up the needed materials and jumps right into the work.  Like most of the students in my Honors Physics class will tell you just coming to work ready doesn’t mean you are going to learn.  You need to put the time in, do your work outside of class, and study prior to class to be successful.  “Just being present is half the battle!”  Elisabeth has a great work ethic which has her performing “A” work on a regular basis.  With a little encouragement and the background she will take from Honors Physics, Elisabeth will have all the skills she will need to crush AP Physics I next year!  You Go Girl!!!

Alyssa Llewelyn

I know I can count on Alyssa. Plain and simple. She is a quiet force of integrity in my class and I appreciate her dependability.

Aleksandra Walsh

Aleksandra always strives for excellence.  She will see me at lunch anytime she needs clarification on a concept.  I am also pleased with how she helps her table partner by explaining or teaching the concept.

Katharyn MacDonald

Katharyn is the ideal student. She is hardworking, motivated, responsible, and polite. She brings a smile to my face each and every day.

Steven Emeigh

Steven is a very positive individual and is always willing to help others.  He did an excellent job playing a witness during the Mock Trial season and he was a great cheerleader who encouraged other members to perform their best.

Carter Hall

They are a joy to have in class.  Always engaged, paying attention, smiling, and laughing.  This student is the type student that makes teaching fun and enjoyable.

Floricel Buencamino

She goes above and beyond the requirements for class participation, classwork, and homework.  She is clearly detail oriented and cares about her work and learning.  She is also personable and appears to have fun interacting in class.

Aidan is an extremely hard worker. He has dedicated himself to learning as much about Weight Training and Conditioning as possible and to improving tremendously. He comes every day with an open mind, great attitude, and ready to push himself and others around him. Aidan Ghee

Sarahi Marquez

Sarahi consistently sets the bar high with “Strive for Excellence”. She’s well rounded, identifies areas for improvement and works hard to overcome challenges.

Arthur Hubbard

Arthur has stepped up and made an honest effort to be his best self. I believe he sees his own potential and is willing to make sacrifices to reach his potential.

Tatum Sneed

Tatum is always polite and shows respect.  Her smiling “Good Morning” is a great way to start the day.  She is a hard worker and continually striving for excellence.

Julyssa Simms

Julyssa is a wonderful young lady!  She has exemplified what it means to be a Changemaker in several ways.  Julyssa was a part of our 1st Time AP student mentoring earlier this year.  She encouraged students to challenge themselves and take more rigorous courses. The CCPS Coordinator of Advanced Learning, Dr. Ricks, shadowed Julyssa for a day and was impressed with how driven, smart, and kind Julyssa is as a high school senior. I recently asked Julyssa to help mentor another student and she said yes without hesitation.  Julyssa is always willing to help others and holds herself to a high standard.  Next year, Julyssa plans to attend CSM where she will study to be a nurse.  I know that any future patient she has will see what an amazing person she is inside and out. I’m so proud of her and CHS is a better place because she is a student here 🙂

Wendy Aquino Castro

Wendy is always willing to lend a helping hand. She has been great student advisory leader and sponsor of our international club. We are lucky to have her:)

Isaac Yaw Oppong

Yaw always shows respect, especially on International Night!  He did a great job in the video and dressing in traditional Ghana attire for International Night!

Jie Smith

Jie has been an outstanding student since entering Calvert High School.  He came to us from Calvert Middle, where he excelled in all of his academic classes and he has continued with that success.  Jie challenged himself by taking difficult classes, such as Spanish 2, Honors Geometry, and Advance Placement U.S. History.  He earned straight A’s 2nd quarter, maintained a 97% GPA, and has had perfect attendance.  Jie truly exemplifies the CAVS trait of “Strive for Excellence”.

Josh Wright

Josh is always motivated to do well in class! His enthusiasm and willingness are admirable and appreciated. Josh is a great role model because he inspires other people to become absorbed in learning.

Adam Gott

Adam is an outstanding student who always shows respect, values integrity and strives for excellence.  Adam always participates in class discussions, has excellent attendance and works well with others in class.

Faith Paris

Faith transferred to our school fairly recently. She has been a great addition to the Cavalier family. Faith always has a positive attitude and is helpful whenever possible. She has made it her mission to give 110% to anything she pursues. CHS is lucky to have her here, with her academic integrity and her philosophy of “involvement equals success”!

Riley Smallwood

Riley has shown the ability to persevere and overcome, and in doing so he has chosen to lead by example.  It’s easy to settle for just getting by, but Riley has decided to work hard and excel, demonstrating an awesome improvement in his academics.

Aaron Carter

I am incredibly proud of the positive changes that Aaron has made this year.  He is committed to his goal of graduating on time and is making the choice to work hard, to submit every assignment, and to stay positive.  It hasn’t always been easy, but he is a testament to the idea that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve.

Octavia Brabble

Octavia is an exceptional young lady!  She starts every day with a smile and a passion for learning.  She is kind, genuine, and just simply amazing!  She hopes to one day be a teacher and is looking forward to being a part of the CHS TAM program next year!

Riley Johnson

After a setback, Ms. Riley has made a conscience decision to put forth her best effort this marking period.  Her attention to detail has resulted in her truly wanting to be the best student that she can be.

Sophia Santoyo

Sophia is an old soul who uses wisdom and compassion to create peace and harmony in all situations she encounters.  I learn so much from her kindness and calm spirit!

Faizah “Fefe” Wiggins

Fefe is strong and resilient through all her challenges and exudes positivity and a great attitude that is contagious.  She has strong conviction and stands up for what is right, and is a lovable friend 🙂 I appreciate you, Fefe!

Christian Micah Taylor

Micah is an incredible singer, but even more impressive is his stellar example of a great teammate and friend.  His musical achievements this year are extensive, and he is bound for the stars!  I appreciate you, Micah! 🙂

Asadrian Hudson

Asadrian’s sunny disposition and light-hearted vibe makes every situation better when he’s around. He is an example to his peers and continues to be an excellent leader in chorus.

Justin “Mikey” Sacker

Mikey is an effective leader! He is creative and inspiring and knows how to motivate, engage, and encourage others around him. His focus and drive to be his best is impeccable. Mikey is able to find a successful balance between all of the things he seeks to accomplish without lacking attention to anything. He is always putting himself in an ideal place to help himself and others along the way. I am always awestruck by Mikey’s ability to strategically plan to be successful in all that he does. Great Job!!!!

Calliope Millman

Always pleasant and cheerful with a positive demeanor

Erik Danielson

Always on task while working to help others

Isaiah Jones

Is Isaiah Jones perfect? Of course not!  But, is he the kind of person who leads by example? The kind of person who stays calm under pressure? You bet!  I have gotten to know Isaiah pretty well over these last couple of years. In addition to being kind and generous, he has a good sense of humor. He most often simply refuses to let things bother him too much. He has an uncanny ability to laugh things off. Things that bother most other kids, he stays calm about. And man, have I seen his Leadership Potential grow!  When I told him I wanted him to take ICONS last year because I wanted him to lead by and continue to learn how to lead by example, he took the class for just those reasons!  When I went to see him on Senior Night against HHS, when we fell behind with under two minutes left, he sunk THREE THREES in a row!!  When no one else seemed to want the ball!  He is warm, and he has ice in his veins…a rare combo!  And, he will be missed!

LaNaiah Frieson

LaNaiah continues to be a rock of stability, responsibility, and integrity in Chamber Choir. We know we can always count on her when we need a smile 🙂

Caitlin Munson

Caitlin VOLUNTEERED for one of the hardest/most intense jobs in our last University of Maryland designed ICONS Simulations. She assumed the role of “Co-Simcon”, a role usually reserved for teachers!! From there, she helped me co-manage the Simulation. She managed News Injects, approved Conference Requests and monitored role behaviors. This is a complex and nuanced process which requires maturity, independence, and consistency. Caitlin exhibits all those traits and more in my ICONS Global Studies class this year!

Ashanti Gross

Ashanti is a great example of a student that uses all of the CAV traits. She does a fantastic job and all of her projects. She is motivated and interested in all the material. Ashanti is a great example for her peers, not only because of her quality of work, but because of her integrity, maturity, and desire to excel. She is always responsible about making sure her work is completed correctly, as well as being turned in on time. Her focus on what is being taught is always demonstrated in the quality of her work, which is excellent. I love having Ashanti in my class!

Rebecca Flanders

Rebecca is constantly striving for excellence by seeking opportunities to extend her learning well beyond the class. She is authentic in her responses and proves to be a leader in our PLTW Engineering Pathway. She ROCKS!!!