CHS prepares students for AP


Aaron McCready holds certificate from AP Signings, surrounded by his family, along with English Teacher, Dr. Palmer and Vice Principal, Mrs. Sutton.

Spring is right around the corner. Many middle and high school students are immersed in schoolwork and extracurriculars, not to mention deciding what classes to take next year. At Calvert High Schoolregistration day took place on February 27, where ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders met with their teachers to select their classes for the 2020-21 school year. An important aspect of registration is encouraging students to take Advanced Placement, classesCHS holds various events to introduce students to more challenging courses. 

Students are selected to participate in these events by referencing student’s AP survey, teacher recommendationand PSAT scores. After being selected, students are interviewed to gage their interest in various potential AP subjects, and a parent letter is sent home. During this year’s registration process, 80 potential AP students were narrowed down 41.   

The AP for a Day event is an effective way for students to understand what an Advanced Placement class is like. While accompanying an AP student throughout the daythey explore multiple classes that interest them. Being introduced to these rigorous classes is an eye-opening experience that makes these soon-to-be AP students realize they can excel in a more demanding course that will prepare them for college and career. Helping them see their potential encourages the acceptance of teacher recommendations and pushes students to participate in advanced classes. 

All of functions were hosted by Ms. Michelle Stover, Calvert High’s Student Services Team Leader.  

Students have the ability to challenge themselves in these types of events … they are more prepared for college and careers [by taking higher level classes], said Ms. Stover.  

The students who enjoyed their AP experience were welcome to attend the AP Signing event, where they had the opportunity to officially register for next year’s classes, accompanied by their mentors. The students earned certificates and took photos with their teachers, friends, and family. Refreshments and desserts were offered as well.  

During the AP Signing ceremony, CHS sophomoreAaron McCready, registered to take an AP Language and Composition next year.  His current English teacher, Dr. Leslie Palmer recommended him for the class. 

 “I am good at Language and loving English and language Arts helped me decide to take the class. I want to thank Dr. Palmer for recommending me,” said McCready. 

Dr. Palmer is a ninth and tenth grade English teacher at CHS and has taught AP classes and other college level courses in the past. She nominated many other students to participate in these events in addition to McCready.  

“After teaching higher classes, I have good experience with preparing these students to take AP,” said Dr. Palmer. “These are the moments that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” 

When asked how effective the AP events are in influencing students to take rigorous classes, Ms. Stover said, “It’s very effective. Students perceptions change when they see that AP classes are more than just sitting and reading books.”