A Thrilling Mystery Exists in “The Word is Murder”

A Thrilling Mystery Exists in The Word is Murder

Madison Conner, Contributor

Good books are hard to find, so there is nothing like finding a well-plotted murder mystery to solveThe World is Murderby Anthony Horowitz, is a chilling mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. Unraveling this complex and intriguing mystery will keep you turning pages and wondering “whodunnit.” 

 Diana Cowper was asphyxiated in her London home six hours after planning her own funeral, and investigators think the case is more than they can handle. When Detective Inspector Daniel Hawthorne, an eccentric ex-police officer, is hired as a consultant on the casean opportunity arises for him to make money and reestablish his reputation. 

 Author, Anthony Horowitz takes components of his real life and inserts himself into the novel as the main character and narratorHis expertise in fiction homicides, and their investigations, that he gathered by writing television programs and movies has given him a perfect basis for any mystery novel. 

 In the story, the character Horowitz is convinced by Hawthorne to follow him and write a true crime novel about his investigation into the death of Cowper. Stuck in the middle, the writer finds himself more involved than he anticipated. Though Hawthorne is a former police officer, Horowitz is forced to question what he knows about his associate.  

 Like real life, everybody has secrets, but Horowitz’s life is completely hidden, and a question of who to trust arises throughout the story. While following Horowitz, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for an explanation for Detective Hawthorne’s odd behavior. 

  I am a fan of classic murder mystery novels, and to say I enjoyed the book is an understatement. With a complex plot and many interesting characters, the story kept me guessing until the final chapter. I could not put this book down; Horowitz’s writing is suspenseful and easy to read, making it a great novel to read for fun. 

 You can find Horowitz’s work online or in store at Barnes and Noble for $16.99. While the story is fiction, you’ll feel as if you are a part of the action with every page your turn.