Literary Club re-emerges


Angelique Gingras, Author, Editor

Calvert High is introducing a club that will provide students with the opportunity to express themselves through art and writing. literary magazine used to be produced a couple of times a year where student’s creative talents were spotlighted. It was originally sponsored by Ms. Jennifer Andreasen and former teacher, Mr. Dan Fisher throughout the 90s. However, it has been inactive for the past couple decades. 

The revived Literary Club will be based on the foundation set by the old one, including fiction stories and poems. They plan to expand the genres to historical fiction, horror, and essays. The content will be written by both members of the club, as well as submitted student-produced work. It will be titled “Feather in the Hat: The Cavalier Collection.” 

Ms. Renee Reid is a ninth/tenth grade English teacher at CHS and is the new sponsor of this club.  

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this,” said Ms. Reid. “I want to give students an outlet to display their passion.” 

Students who enjoy reading and writing have activities such as Journalism and Book Club available to them. These clubs, though, do not necessarily give students a creative writing outlet, so, Literary Club will be a purposeful addition to the CHS community 

The club had its first meeting on November 20 and will continue to have meetings every Wednesday during A Lunch in room 333. They invite anyone who is interested in creative writing and/or art to submit work, even if you can’t attend the meetings. The club hopes to produce their first magazine at the end of this year. 

“I hope to see this club grow in the coming years,” said Ms.Reid 

If you would like to submit something or have questions about joining, please stop by room 333 for more information.