December Changemakers!

December Changemakers!

Let’s Congratulate these students for the impact they have here at CHS!

Here’s what the person who nominated them had to say.

Adaline Ruff

Because Adaline is a diligent student, she leads by example. Her work shows that she cares and that she is a thoughtful student and learner. And because Adeline is such a smart worker, she makes Calvert High School a better place to be! Her excellent demonstration as a student is certainly an example, we want her at CHS! The bonus? Adaline is truly a wonderful human being. Her demeanor, her smile, and her lovely personality all light up a room!

Alan McCready

Alan always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He exemplifies the CAV trait ALWAYS show respect. I am very proud to have students like Alan at CHS!

Allison Cassallo

Allison is always smiling and always willing to help. She continues to strive for excellence in her schoolwork and everything she does to help out around the school.

Amber Marshall

She always gives her best effort, and she comes to class with a smile every day.

Averi Lewis

Averi is a hardworking, determined, respectful, kind, and generous person. I look forward to seeing Averi each day as she not only keeps herself on point, but also her bestie, and her two favorite teachers (lol)! We are so grateful to have Averi in our class as she is willing to provide academic support/guidance to others, along with helping us keep our room a wonderful place to be in each day.

Brandon Reed

Brandon exemplifies the CAVS traits in many ways throughout the course of the school day. I look forward to working with him each day in Math because I know he is going to ask me great questions which is not always easy to do. He is also willing to share when he has a connection to what we are doing in class. I also admire him for his decision making especially when it is not an easy one to make. Brandon works hard every day and perseveres when the going gets tough.

Catherine Jiang

Catherine Always Strives for Excellence. She writes amazing essays with great points. She finishes her work before due dates and is willing to tackle new challenges.

Cory Martin

Cory is always on task, working hard to learn the material. He is well prepared and focused every day. He shows respect for his peers and teachers. I can count on Cory to help me with things in class when asked. He has a strong work ethic!

Duncan Santerre

Duncan is always respectful and helps me set up the class in 1st period to get ready for learning. He participates in class and does his work completely and consistently. He is well liked by both teachers and his peers.

Durrell Long

In group activities Durrell has stepped up as a leader, helping his classmates to stay on task, leading them through activities and questions. Durrell also regularly participates in class discussions. What a great addition to our classroom! I appreciate a student like this who put forth great effort and bring others with them!

Elijah Larsen

Elijah has a wealth of knowledge in construction and building, he takes great pride in his work, and has a passion for learning. Not to mention, he has a knack for making me laugh. Elijah is a valuable member of my Foundations of Technology classroom.

Ella Mosch

Ella is always looking for ways to extend her learning seeks opportunities to demonstrate her newly formed knowledge. Moreover, she is an exceptional role model for her peers. She is constantly helping others to ensure they are successful as well. She ROCKS!

Emma Wieland

Strives for excellence in Academic Pre-Calculus. Asks questions, shows work ethic and has a positive attitude!

Fletcher Tracy

Fletcher took the time to learn our chorus concert music on Guitar and was a delight to work with. What a professional and wonderful human! Thanks Fletcher 🙂

Gabe Hallberg

Gabe is a leader in the classroom. He works hard, engages other students, and always produces work that is of the highest quality. He is consistently respectful, patient, and kind. His thoughtful questions and comments force everyone in the class, including me, to think outside the box and grow as learners.

Hannah Schneider

Hannah is a breath of fresh air. She is always upbeat, positive, and agreeable. She is always helpful to those around her and holds herself to a high standard of excellence. She is focused in class and creates beautiful work of high quality.

Hunter Emery

Hunter is pleasant every day, he is always willing to share in discussions and strives to do his best in class regularly!

Ivan Gao

Ivan is very outgoing and friendly. He is attentive to his own learning and definitely strives to improve the opportunities of others. Ivan is a very positive person in class and often goes out of his way to help others have a better day. He really endeavors to be helpful and definitely spreads the Calvert High initiatives of kindness and acceptance.

Jenita Shrestha

Jenita is a leader by example. Her quiet yet strong message is conveyed through her constant hard work. She is very conscientious about the quality of her work. Jenita is always willing to help others while maintaining her integrity. She comes to class daily with an excitement toward learning that is infectious.

Kathryn Pastelak

Kathryn brings a positive, cheerful attitude to class each day. She strives to do her best work and is quick to help others. When working with other students, she is always very patient and kind. She is a joy to have in the classroom!

Kaylee Luckett

Kaylee is such an excellent helper for our students in Choir 1, and is patient, full of good humor and responsible 🙂

Kelly Music

Kelly continually shows leadership with the Best Buddies program. She is not only a great example to the children in our program, but her kindness and compassion really show our kids that she is also their friend.

Krissy Dube

Krissy took the time to learn our chorus concert music on Bass and was a delight to work with. What a professional and wonderful human! Thanks Krissy 🙂

Lindsey Roush

Lindsey is such a fantastic young lady. She is very respectful and responsible. She arrives to class ready to work and is focused on being successful. I appreciate her work ethic and the responsibility that she demonstrates. I know she will do wonderful things in the future and have LOVED having her in class.

Loralei Osterhouse

Loralei is very hard-working student who always tries her best. She is a positive example in the classroom. She completes all of her assignments, participates in class, and is good classmate to others.

Madison Lipscomb

Madison doesn’t back down when she faces a challenge. Recently, she came to talk to me about a class she was having some difficulty with. Rather than giving up, Madison fought back and sought out support and resources to help her do better in this class. She is a fighter and doesn’t give up! I’m so proud of her!

Makayla Williams

Makayla is a true success story at Calvert High School. Over the past four years she has come out of her shell and is currently excelling in all of her classes. She is in the second year of the nursing program at the Career Technology Academy where she is maintaining a 92%. Also, this year she challenged herself by taking 12th Grade Composition and Rhetoric and is a “B” student. Makayla exemplifies the CAV trait of “Strive for Excellence”. She has an exciting future ahead of her.

Matthew Iversen

Matthew made High Honor Roll in his first quarter at Calvert High School!! He did that, while playing on the School’s soccer team. Way to go Matthew! Keep striving for EXCELLENCE!

Mejia Moran, Gabriela Guadalupe

Miss Mejia exemplifies positive attitude. She works diligently in her French 3 class. She is imaginative and creative especially when it comes to French fiction. I enjoy having her in my French 3 class.

Mia Iampieri

Mia has perfect attendance so far this year and always comes to school with a great attitude and a smile. She completes all of her assignments, engages with the content, works well in groups, and is a fantastic writer. She fully participates in our Believe in You lessons, and I can tell wants Calvert to be a better place. Thank you for always being kind and doing the right thing. Keep spreading the love!

Micah Pratt

Even on “not so good days” Micah manages to smile at my silliness. He is always respectful in my present and if he happens to slip up (while talking to peers) he immediately apologizes for the behavior. Micah often tells me how much he appreciates my kindness and tolerance towards him and others. Today I am taking time out to say, Micah, I appreciate your politeness, respectfulness, kindness, and honesty. Thanks for always being a gentleman and a willing vessel whenever a lending hand is needed.


Strive for excellence – Emily consistently sets the example for excellence by doing her best in all areas with academics and competitions.

Nicholas Martin

Strives for excellence. Nicholas has gone out of his comfort zone to try new things, including guitar and a new programming language. He excels in his programming class and is currently designing his own game. Nicholas is polite and well mannered. He enjoys collaborating with others in class. Nicholas is a changemaker among his peers.

Pharoah Ramirez

Pharoah always exhibits a positive attitude. He is respectful, hardworking and treats others with kindness and understanding. He possesses a global perspective of the world and able to see a variety of viewpoints. He is driven to succeed and try new things. He is a role model for his peers and adults.

Rania “Nina” Hedo

Be it in the classroom or the pool, when faced with a challenge Nina puts in the work to overcome it. As both her teacher and her coach, I get to see many different sides of her personality and determination. In the classroom she strives every day to become just a little bit better by doing the extra readings, extra studying, and asking the needed questions to make herself successful. In the pool, she takes criticism very well and will do her best to apply the corrections to the next swim. Due to her tenacity and continuous strive to be better, not only did Nina advance up a training group at practice, she was able to step into the meet to replace another swimmer when they could not compete. She is EARNing her grades and spot on the team each and every day.

Sarah Bunting

Sarah is always trying to do her best work for herself and for other students. If she is finished with what she needs to accomplish, she makes herself available to help others. She has a quiet demeanor in class and is always pleasant and motivated!!

Tanner Goshorn

Tanner is always striving for excellence in class and has worked very hard over the last quarter and a half to maintain an almost perfect average in class. Awesome job!

Taylor Johnson

Taylor is always respectful and polite in and out of class. She always does her best on every assignment.

Tim Hall

Tim has worked so hard this past month to improve himself as a student. He has surprised me with his dedication and positive attitude. I even saw him giving another student advice on how to make better choices. I am so impressed with his growth and can’t wait to share the good news with his family.

Vincent D’Agostino

He is the hardest worker in class every day. He always brings a great attitude and will work his hardest at whatever you are doing that day. He also works his hardest to help his peers and is extremely respectful.