October Changemaker!

October Changemakers!

Let’s Congratulate these students for the impact they have here at CHS!

Here’s what the person who nominated them had to say.

Akari (Sierra) Jones

Akari is a student who quietly is always doing the right thing. She is respectful to everyone around her, she is diligent in completing her work, and she questions things when she is not sure. What puts her over the edge and makes her my November changemaker is the support she is always providing to her friends. She is there for them and does anything she can to help them.

Alissa D’Agostino

Alissa has been volunteering to help with events in the Criminal Justice Program. She is an important part of our program and I am thankful for all her help and dedication.

Andy Barnett

Andy displays many of the Cavalier traits, both in class and in social situations. He has a wide variety of interests and is willing to invite others to join into those activities. In class, Andy is helpful to the students in his group and serves as a leader who sets high standards for himself. He takes pride in striving for excellence in his work and spreading positivity to others.

Anthony Walsh

Anthony greet me each day with a smile and positive attitude. I really love his enthusiasm and the respectful way he treats me and his classmates. He participates in class and asks great questions! In my classroom he leads by example and motivates others to do their best. I am very proud of him.

Antonio Sollers

Antonio takes great pride in being a responsible and respectful young man. He is a model student in many ways – representing males, African Americans, and possible future military members in a positive and productive manner. We are so fortunate to teach him and expect only amazing things for him in the future!

Antonio Struhar

Antonio is a very hard-working student who always strives for excellence. He is a high achieving student who is still looking for ways to improve and grow. He is never satisfied with mere completion of assignments. He is a very positive role model for other students to follow.

Aaron Carter

It is not easy to come to a new school, but Aaron has made a great transition. Aaron has been advocating for himself since arriving to CHS to ensure he is on track. I wish more students would be self-advocating like Aaron.

Asadrian Hudson

Asadrian has been a rock of reliability and positivity in chorus this year, as usual. So far this year, he participated in the Maryland State Tenor/Bass Demonstration Choir, Towson University Choral Festival and All County Chorus–he is an amazing singer, teammate and human in general. Love you Asadrian!

He is always going above and beyond to help in class and do the right thing. He works hard to compete while being respectful and supportive of teammates and opponents.

Ava Ward

Ava sets a wonderful example for other students. She is super involved at CHS by participating in orchestra, swim team, and clubs like Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She always seems to have a pleasant, upbeat attitude and looks for ways to help others.

Ben Voelker

Ben’s weekly segment on the broadcast is a fun and lighthearted treat. It shows him being friendly and positive and sets a great example for others.

Brianna Garcia

She is always trying to better herself

Carl Holmberg

Carl is a joy to have in class. He is constantly working on improving his writing skills (which are already good). He applies himself in everything that he does. Even with the time commitment to March Band and being a freshman, he has still found a way to be successful in the classroom. I just wish I could give a trophy in class to recognize his hard work and dedication to school that would match the one the Marching Band received for winning Nationals.

Carley Matteson

Carley has continued to grow as a leader. She takes one many opportunities and cares about her and others education. She recently took part in the Girls Who Code Family Night Out and excelled in modeling what it is to be a Caviler.

Casey Bowen

Casey is eager to perfect her craft and spends time outside of class to work on ideas and projects. She is helpful to peers that are struggling. She is kind and always brings a positive attitude.

Cody Moore

He always gives his best; inspiring and encouraging others which has added to the success of the NJROTC program.

Damon Vaughn

Damon not only does all of his assignments, he works well in groups, is always polite in class, and gives me a warm welcome every morning coming into class – I always look forward to coming to work and seeing him first thing in the morning. CHS is so lucky to have a student like Damon to keep the atmosphere positive, encouraging, and delightful.

De’Kari Holland

He does his work without complaining and gives us his best effort every day.

Dillon Schliesman

Dillon strives for excellence. He brought his 1st quarter grade up by coming in for extra help. He continues this in the second quarter.

Elena Ledda

Elena recently faced a challenge in one of her classes, and instead of giving up, she sought out help and support and worked to overcome the issue. She works hard and is very persistent. I’m so proud of you, Elena!

Emily Shrieves

Emily does a great job as president of the Girl’s Who Code Club, she helps to tutor students, and she did a great job at the student page interviews.

Hannah DeNeale

Hannah is amazing. She is not only incredible to have in class because of her stellar work ethic, but she also makes class a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Hannah’s positive outlook is shown through her numerous compliments to other students. It makes my day to see her make others feel so good about themselves. We need more students like Hannah that take the time to boost others up. If you don’t know Hannah yet, you are missing out on one of the most kind, genuine, and helpful students Calvert has.

Isabella Hoiser

Isabella takes ownership and pride in her learning. She self-monitors her academic progress and seeks opportunities for improvement.

Jackie Grenier

Jackie always works hard to do her best, comes to every rehearsal, and bounces right back up from setbacks. I admire and appreciate her so much 🙂

Jacob Reintzel

Jacob is always seeking ways to extend his learning and apply new knowledge.

Jamie Price

Jamie is such a caring person and always takes time out of her day to make me feel special!

Jenna Lodhi

Jenna is excelling academically and has perfect attendance for the first marking period. Her commitment to her education exemplifies the CAV trait of “striving for excellence.” Her teachers describe her as “eager to learn,” and “conscientious”. She is someone who “craves a fun learning environment” and has a “positive attitude.”

Jenna Wilder

Her programming mindset is evolving! She has been a leader in our classroom and was awesome at the Girls Who Coding Family Coding Night Out!

Jeremiah Small

Jeremiah is constantly pushing himself to excel where he feels he needs improvement. He is naturally talented, but also a very hard worker and a positive force.

Justin Galvin

Justin is such a hard-working young man! Like many people, he struggles a bit in English, but that never stops him! He works hard during class time and always comes during lunch or after school to squeeze in more work time. Justin exemplifies the CAVS trait of Courage to be Responsible – he shows courage every day in being able to ask for help and to keep working hard toward his goals no matter what.

Kade Meeks

Kade is, of course, responsible, respectful, and excellent, but most importantly he has the integrity to do and say what is right in any situation. Moreover, even when presented with adversity, he defends what is right respectfully and with kindness.

Kaitlin Russell

Kaitlin is a divergent and curious thinker. Her writing is colorful and enjoyable to read. She lends a perceptive and astute outlook during class discussions and carries herself with maturity. Best of all, she likes horses as much as I do and has an awesome dog named River!

Kassidy Dillard

Kassidy is a quiet leader and a positive influence on those around her. She is always willing to help when she sees something or someone who needs it. Thank you, Kassidy, for watching out for not only yourself, but others around you! You are CHAMP!

Keilani Butler

Ms. Keilani is a model of being respectful to others. No matter if it is a classmate, her instructor or just someone else – Keilani treats them with respect from the moment she meets them. She knows that respect isn’t earned – IT IS DESERVED!

Kyniah Johnson

Kyniah is a quiet, respectful, and always tries to do her best! From playing with schist to determining the sedimentary properties of conglomerate, Kyniah is always trying her best. Her determination is harder than pyrite and her smile is brighter than smooth halite. Rock on KJ!

Lauren Britt

This extraordinarily amazing young lady starts her day off with me in AP Biology. She hit the ground running on day one and has not slowed one bit. She was the first to submit her summer assignments which included an opportunity to earns some extra credit. Because her grade in both lecture and lab is so good, 100% in each, I was unable to use the extra credit work. She was the only student in the morning group to perform at this level. What is even more amazing she rarely need to use a retest opportunity… The best part she is only a Junior! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year plays out for her. “You GO Girl!”

Makaya Lancaster

She exemplifies Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, and excellence. She consistently is a positive influence in class. She is always prepared and responsible, and she always participates. I have never seen her give up on anything – she always tries her best. I’m so grateful for how consistently kind and respectful she is to everyone.

Margaret Lin McGowan

Margaret is a leader in her French class as she inspires positive attitude in her classmates. She has power of concentration and self-discipline. She is very motivated and does Not limit herself to passing grades. She is an outstanding student.

Matt Jiang

Matt exemplifies the CAV trait “Strive for Excellence”. He was a straight A student in middle school and has continued that trend since arriving at Calvert High. His 1st quarter report card was peppered with 100%s and his lowest grade was a 96% in his Advanced Placement US History class. Matt’s focus on learning and commitment to excellence serves as a stellar for his peers in 9th grade.

McKenzie Conner

McKenzie is constantly displaying excellence in class, as a leader by example, and does amazing work behind the scenes. She is currently outfitting the entire Concert Choir with dresses and tuxedos–just one instance of how her attention to detail and willingness to help others changes things for the better. She also took a risk this year by auditioning for All County Honors Choir and made it! You’re wonderful, McKenzie 🙂

Mia Meredith

This young lady has been telling me for years what a good student she is. I had my doubts. However, she is proving herself every day in my engineering class. She comes to class prepared, is focused and motivated, and quickly and effectively completes the projects. Teaching Mia has been the highlight of my career.

Michael Deffinbaugh

I just met Michael as a student this year, but I have admired his laid-back nature and positive spirit since he began high school. He is willing to take risks as a new singer, is very helpful administratively in the music department, helped lead the marching band to STATE and NATIONAL Championships, and also just has really good taste in music! 🙂 I appreciate you, Michael!

Mya Harrod

She is always very polite, honest, hardworking.

Natalie Flanders

Natalie is AMAZING! She is a wonderful asset to have in class as a representative of TAM. Natalie is a “Go Getter” and “Take Charge” young lady. Anything that needs to be done, she is up for the challenge. Her leadership skills are above and beyond. She is a gem that is going to change the dynamics of the teaching profession.

Nyson Andre

Nyson demonstrates respect and consideration towards his peers and adults.
He always greets you with a warm smile and a positive attitude. He shows maturity by taking responsibility for his actions and never makes excuses. His ability to persevere will make him very successful in the future.

Phuong Nguyen

He always strives for excellence- He works hard and finds strategies to be successful!

Remy Reyes Martinez

Remy has done a great job for the first quarter! He is always Striving for Excellence! Great start to the new school year…keep up the hard work!

Rhyannon Schmidt

Rhiannon works hard in class to develop the skills needed in photography. She is mature, reliable and focused on her work in class. Her positive attitude and willingness to help peers and her teacher are appreciated. Thanks for being a great Cavalier, Rhyannon!

Riley Nichols

Riley is an outstanding leader in my orchestra class; she leads with integrity and shows respect and care for her classmates daily.

Sarah Wiltrout

Sarah is such a kind spirit–she always brings patience and good vibes to our students with Intellectual Disabilities and is also willing to help out administratively with anything I ask. Love you, Sarah!

Sophia Santoyo

Not only is Sophia an amazing PBIS Student Leader, but she also worked hard to coordinate our November Gratitude Week. She worked with both Mrs. Fregellete and myself to create meaningful activities for the week. She works so hard to make the world a better place!

Taja Tyler

She is a strong leader in our classroom and has a mature vision of her future.

Tobias Wilkins

Tobias is a reflective and motivated young man. He has his eye on his future and I am proud he is a Cavalier.

Tristan Harris

Courage to GROW into her leadership potential! She has already been good about leading by example (VERY hard and through worker in Social Studies this year and last year). But, THIS year…Tristan is reaching out to her peers and seeing how she can help. And DOING it! Kudos! Keep evolving, Lady!!! Proud of you; be proud of yourself too! Keep it up!!

Ty Misiorek

While he might be quiet, Ty’s work habits are LOUDLY wonderful! Ty has steadily worked hard this quarter to maintain a high level of achievement. Great Job!

Xavior Weber

He showed courage by sticking up for another student who was being picked on. It’s not easy to stand up to your peers and he didn’t hesitate to do so.