Wellness Club: A Movement for Mental Health


High School is a time of stress, anxiety, and drama among peers, and not all students know how to cope with these problems. Every day pupils struggle to find a group of people who are accepting and kind, and the school struggles to maintain a positive atmosphere. Wellness Club’s mission is to solve these problems.   

Senior Brooke Young, president of Wellness Club, believes the organization can work to stop substance abuse, create awareness of mental health, and help society become a happier place, and start a positive movement to bring together the community. 

Wellness Club is one of the newest clubs at Calvert High School. Wellness Club, or CavCulture, is a program at CHS dedicated to helping students be mindful and improving the culture across the student body.  

The club’s focus is to give students the opportunity to discover their passions by sponsoring activities during lunch to let students explore new things that help them manage their emotions and release the tension they gather throughout the day.  

CavCulture sponsor, Mrs. Caitlin Fregelette, started the club to open different resources and inspire the students of Calvert High School to come together and spread awareness of mental health. “Cav Culture means so much to me. I see how much our students are struggling with stress and trauma. The brain is not fully developed as a teen which makes it more difficult to manage stress,” said Fregelette.  

At meetings every Wednesday, A lunch, club members discuss activities, messages, and challenges to help students incorporate mindfulness and mental health activities into their lives. 

Social Media Challenges are also posted on CavCultire’s multiple social media platforms, such as the #WEWILLNOTBESILENT tag, where students take a photo with their team or group of friends and tag it, to spread awareness for suicide.  

Students share about their experiences with anxiety, stress, and negative coping mechanisms to teach others about positive ways to get help and cope with their problems. School-wide activities are planned to encourage students at Calvert Hight School to try new things that will take their mind away from the stresses of school, home, and work. Some ideas that are in progress are nature walks, adult coloring, and cookie decorating. 

“There is a healthy coping strategy for everyone, and my goal with this group is to help teens identify which strategy works best for them. Is it yoga? Meditation? Playing music? Drawing? Running? Painting? There is something for everyone to manage the unpleasant feelings, and I hope exposure to these activities help students turn to healthy coping strategies instead of JUULs and substance abuse,” said Fredgelette.  

CavCulture members want to start a movement to encourage the use of positivity and unity to make the school atmosphere better. See below for a list of upcoming events.  


Wednesday, November 20, 2019 Wellness Club Meeting, A lunch in room 104. 

Thursday, November 21, 2019 Thanksgiving Style Lunch, in the Atrium.

Friday, November 22, 2019 Live at Lunch in the Atrium.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 Wellness Club Meeting, A lunch in room 104. 

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