Fail Until You Don’t

Madison Conner, Contributor

Here at Calvert High School, students are constantly finding success and conquering obstacles. As the school year is beginning and big decisions are arising, the Courier will be featuring a series on the keys to find success. The self-help book, Fail Until You Don’t: Fight, Grind, Repeat explores the process of finding success. Radio and country music icon, Bobby Bones explores his personal “fight words”: fight, green, repeat. 

Bones was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas where he lived with his mother and grandmother. Without his father, and with his mother struggling with addiction, Bobby grew up living in a trailer in the back woods of the small town 

Growing up an awkward kid, athletics never came easy, he focused of academics while listening to the radio. As a teenager, he utilized every opportunity to get on the radio and receive internships with local stations. He developed a pattern and lifestyle working for and pursuing a career in radio until he ultimately reached the top with his nationally syndicated radio show, The Bobby Bones Show 

Fail Until You Don’t explores Bones’ fight words, Fight, Grind, and Repeat, and how they got him, and many other successful artists and entrepreneurs, to the top.  

Fight. The fight is deciding what you want, strategizing and setting goals in the best was to accomplish it.  

Some key points Bones explains in section one are, setting up the right foundation so you can feel your strongest, knowing that there is never not a struggle, dropping your ego, and surrounding yourself with people who will help you succeed.  Continuing with knowing that there is never not a struggle, putting in the time and effort, be rejected with dignity, making the wrong decisions for the right reasons, and looking for your passion. Try new things! You don’t regret failing as much as you will not trying.  

Grind. The grind is showing up. Every day. On time. Willing to do the work and do it to your best ability. No matter how sick or how tired you are.  

Section two explains the importance of sweating the small stuffalways rehearsing 100%, showing up on time and showing out for it. Being sick or tired or over it is no excuse. 

Bones gives the advice, “Finding something you love to do + working hard at it (simply out of love for it) = success + money.”  

The grind is relentless. It will knock you down, you will struggle, but with the right amount of determination, discipline, and consistency your goals will be at your feet.  

RepeatThe most annoying of the three steps. This is continuing your routine every single day. This might be the hardest or tue three steps, but the most effective. Repeating the same thing every day is hard but will develop discipline and will grow the skills necessary to excel at the job you love. Skills like avoiding peer pressure, living and learningkeeping promises, and continuing to start over are keys to this step.  

Bones utilizes this final step every day when following his routine. Waking up at 3 am so not to be late for work, doing five hours of radio every morning, working out and hosting events, as well as touring with his band, the Raging Idiots.  

This step is never finished. Even when success is reached, the repetition had to continue so not to lose progress.  

Jump into Bobby Bones’ self-help book for a chance to pick yourself up and succeed. This is an absolute must-read for people with ambition and big dreams for success. Fail Until You Don’t: Fight, Grind, Repeat can be found on Amazon, for $11.42, and Ebook for $14.99 

The fresh perspective from someone who started below the bottom, and insightful commentary from various other sources, makes reading the story a journey that will change your life.