10 Signs You Have a Case of Senioritis

10 Signs You Have a Case of Senioritis

Madison Conner, Contributor

By: Madison Conner 

As the year winds down, grades are closing, colleges are accepting, and seniors are slacking. With less than 10 days left, seniors lose motivation to complete assignments and go to class.  

Despite important upcoming projects and the impending final exams, the bad case of senioritis is spreading like wildfire.  

Here are ten signs you have come down with a case of senioritis. 

  1. Short-term memory loss of due dates and general forgetfulness 
  2. Excessive procrastination, leading to multiple all-nighters to get work done that was due the day before 
  3. Difficulty hearing the alarm and driving 95 in a 45 to be on time 
  4. Lack of energy, leading to an excessive amount on coffee intake (sometimes increasing by 50%) 
  5. Restlessness, anxiety and/or claustrophobia during class resulting in extreme use of restrooms during the school hours.  
  6. Desire to skip class or stay home, considering Fridays to be “Senior Skip Days” 
  7. The need to rebel or refuse to follow rules about cell phone use, dress code, and parking  
  8. The desire to trample underclassmen 
  9. Irritability and increased annoyance with classmates  
  10. Loss of interest in appearance, variation of the same outfit every day 


Senioritis is not life threatening and most likely will not last more than three or four months. If these symptoms do persist past graduation, seek a medical opinion. Senioritis will fade, and with the oncoming year in college, freshman anxiety will replace restlessness and discouragement.