An artist on the rise: Kyle Thomas


Here at Calvert High School, students are constantly making remarkable progress and extraordinary achievements. In spirit of the new initiatives to highlight such accomplishments, the Courier will be composing monthly profiles on students with commendable traits in athletics, academics, fine arts, and more. In this edition, the Courier will recognize an artist on the rise: senior Kyle Thomas. 

Kyle has been drawing from a very young age. Throughout elementary and middle school, he was known to his peers as a talented cartoonist with a creative mind.  

A brief interview with Kyle revealed his feelings on his own personal growth in his craft and his plans for the future.   

“Drawing was always a passion of mine. I can’t remember a time where it wasn’t one of my top interest, or it wasn’t something that had influence on my character,” Kyle said.  

He is currently enrolled in his second year of Advanced Placement Studio Art with Mrs. Kristen Ratcliff, and is a member of the National Art Honor Society.  

“Kyle is just a standup human-being inside and out. His performance in class is exactly the same as his performance in life- he’s dedicated, strong-willed, resilient, and he takes everything on with a 110 percent,” said Mrs. Ratcliff.  

Aside from taking part in art classes, Kyle competes with the Mock Trial team, and he is a member of the 2019 Class Council. His artistic abilities aided him to be quick-thinking, earn All-Star Witness recognition, and be a key participant in the annual Homecoming banner competition.  

“I’m so thrilled with my own improvement, while also excited to see how far I can go from here,” he remarked regarding his work throughout high school. 

After high school, he plans on continuing to pursue his passion in college. He is looking to go into a career involving design, and shows interest in graphic, fashion, interior, and industrial designs. Eager to dabble in everything, Kyle says he hopes his experience in art school will help him narrow down his options to discover what he is going to accomplish with his life.  

“Art is so important to me. Art has been as outlet- a way for me to express myself through creation, a way to take the big ideas of my imagination and turn it into something real. Art has been an amazing way to connect and bond with people over a shared interest. But most of all, art over the years has come to shape my identity… I would be completely lost without my creativity. My love of art gives me direction in life, it gives me individuality, and it gives me a sense of who I am,” Kyle concluded.  

Kyle has made amazing progress during his time at CHS and continues to expand in his talents every day; a bright future lies ahead for this aspiring creator. 

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