Freshman on the Run: Kristen Prince


Madison Conner, Contributor

Here at Calvert High School, students are constantly making remarkable progress and extraordinary achievements. In spirit of the new initiatives to highlight such accomplishments, the Courier will be composing monthly profiles on students with commendable traits in athletics, academics, fine arts, and more. In this edition, the Courier will recognize an athlete on the rise: freshman Kristen Prince. 

Kristen Prince is a successful and prosperous soccer player and track runner. This athlete is thriving in her first year of high school, maintaining good grades and good relationships with her family and friends, as well as a healthy lifestyle.  

She plays mid-field for Calvert Junior Varsity Soccer and the Calvert Soccer Association (CSA), and participates in the 1600m, 3200m, and 800m races, and the occasional 4×400 meter relay in indoor and outdoor track. 

Prince has participated in track throughout middle school with her friends and wanted to continue in High School. She originally started track to stay in shape for soccer and to spend more time with her friends, who had participated in cross-country in the previous season. Once she started indoor track, she enjoyed it and wanted to continue. 

Prince is currently the second fastest freshman girl in the history of Calvert High School track in the 1600-meter race. Her personal record time is 5 minutes and 34 seconds. 

Prince works out two or three times per week on the track, and completes hour runs on the remaining days to recover from the workouts and maintain progress. In addition, workouts are also completed twice a week in the weight room. 

“[Kristen] always pushes herself in the workouts. She has pure talent however always continues to improve. Every race she is in is very exciting because she’ll always do well and push herself,” said freshman Cross Country and fellow track runner Shayla Singletary. 

Track is her way to take a break from her busy school life and everyday stress. It allows her to set goals and push herself to her full extent. 

In order to participate in track, student athletes are required to maintain good grades in all classes. Track motivates her to complete her school work and excel. Good time-management and the use of free weekends aid her in accomplishing her academic goals.  

“My goals are to try and break one of the school records in long distance events and continue to grow and progress in my high school track career. I do not exactly know my long-term professional goals yet, but I think I would like to pursue a career in sports medicine, or any job that would help peopleTrack encourages me to push my limits on and off the track,” said Prince. 

Prince motivates not only herself, but fellow track members. Another freshman athlete, Ella LaVorgna, often trains with Kristen to compete in similar races.  

“Whenever we are at the track and I feel like quitting, [Kristen] always pushes me to finish and encourages me the whole way,” LaVorgna said.  

Prince is the pinnacle of what a student athlete should be.  

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