All about Calvert High’s Alliance


Angel Kontra, Editor

Extracurriculars at Calvert High School are diverse and numerous. With such a broad array, it can be hard to choose what to join. In this “All About…” series, the Courier will be constructing profiles on the various clubs at CHS to both showcase each organization and their objectives help our fellow Cavaliers get involved.  

In the third edition of the series, the Courier will explore Calvert High’s Alliance Club. 

 The club is a safe place within school where LGBTQ+ students and allies are accepted in a tolerant environment. Key initiatives of the club include spreading awareness and promoting acceptance of LGBTQ+ students, their issues, and triumphs. In addition, the club educates non-LGBT students to be good allies.  

“This is an amazing place to find and accept yourself- allies and LGBT+ included. I am non-binary, and I can be myself here and not be judged,” said sophomore Akari Jones. 

The club currently stands at 15 members, under leadership of co-presidents seniors Lurr Regan and Abby Rieve, and sponsor Mrs. Kristen Ratcliff.  

Along with weekly meetings, Alliance participates in the annual Day of Silence, hosts No-Name Calling Week, and this year, club members are selling bracelets to raise money for the Trevor Project, which is one of the leading organizations in LGBTQ+ crisis intervention and suicide prevention. Through these activities, the club promotes a support system in the school and mindfulness among the student body.  

Our goal as an organization is to provide a safe place for students who identify as LGBTQ+ and our Allies to participate in activities, friendships, philanthropy, and social justice so that we can be the voice for those who don’t have one,” said sponsor Mrs. Ratcliff. 

Become a member of Alliance today to give and receive support, create friendships with fellow classmates, and learn to make CHS a better place for all. Meetings are held on Wednesdays at B lunch in room 402, located in the art wing. If interested in joining Alliance feel free to come to a meeting, speak with either of the co-presidents or Mrs. Ratcliff.  

Finally, remember there is always a safe place to go in school, there are people that want to help, and you are not alone. If you feel you are a danger to yourself or you need to get help from a non-judgmental support, visit the where you can find hotlines and further information.