Take It Back to The Good Old Days with Rewind

Take It Back to The Good Old Days with Rewind

LaNaiah Frieson, Contributer


Are you on the edge of your seat after book one of the Time Series, Pause? Are you eager to jump back into the random world of Aqueela, Jay, and their wacky group of friends? Look no further, because Rewind, book two of the Time Series, is out now on Wattpad for free.

In Pause, audiences were introduced to the gang. They watched how the goofy group was formed with Aqueela as their ringleader.

Then, the girl who brought her tightknit family together simply vanished. With it, everything came undone- friendships fell apart. Now that she has returned home, Jay’s not as thrilled as she expected him to be.

The town of Burnsville has not been the same since Aqueela and Jay left. However, now that Aqueela’s back from her five-year disappearance, she’s determined to pick back up right where she left off, and if that means she must get the gang back together, then she’ll stop at no lengths to do so.

In the meantime, she has more pressing matters to attend to. Pending Jay’s return, she has no idea just how forgiving he will be. Nonetheless, Aqueela has returned with a new vision in mind—to rewind time and remind Jay about the real purpose of friendship.

Starting right back at square one, join Jay, Aqueela, and their family, on all new wilder adventures as they journey through the tunnel of memories, love, and laughter. Nothing is ever normal with this group, nor this return.