All about CHS’s Equity Team


Angel Kontra , Editor

Extracurriculars at Calvert High School are diverse and numerous. With such a broad array, it can be hard to choose what to join. In this “All About…” series, the Courier will be constructing profiles on the various clubs at CHS to both showcase each organization and how their objectives help our fellow Cavaliers get involved.  

In this second edition of the series, the Courier will explore Calvert High’s 2018-19 Equity Team.  

Equity Team is an organization of CHS students who try to promote equality and diversity throughout the school to ensure everyone feels safe. The organization is for those who desire to work collaboratively to better school environment.  

“We really are all inclusive… We aren’t a bunch of weirdos, equity team is a place where we do a lot to make others feel equal and safe. We are accepting of everyone,” said senior team member Kyra Foster.  

The team hosts and participates in an array of events open to all Cavaliers. During lunch, the team hosted “Mix It Up” in the atrium with games, snacks, popcorn, music, and more. The event encouraged different friend groups to interact, make conversation, and join equity.  

For the past two years, members have traveled to New York to speak with other equity teams at magnet schools. This year, members attended their annual retreat in which they participated in an “Equity Walk” and spoke with former inmates to broaden perspectives of connection and coming together. 

Equity is set to be a part of Calvert High’s International Night, in which the range of cultures present at the school are showcased and celebrated. In addition, plans for a school-wide “Mental Health Awareness Week” are being made for the first week in May to promote mental health education and wellness.  

Current membership stands at twenty and 2018-19 sponsors are Mrs. Kimberly Merkle and Mr. WIlliam McGowan. 

“When I first agreed to sponsor Equity Team, I knew we had a lot to do with helping people at CHS realize that though equality is a nebulous, difficult concept. Equality is something we can all work for… to level the playing field to give people access and to make sure all students here can feel comfortable in their own skin,” said sponsor Mr. McGowan. 

Initiatives of the team go beyond inclusivity of the student body, extending to ensuring opportunities are provided to all as well.  

“I would like students to know that through equity, we promote awareness of the student populations at Calvert High, and we also build opportunities for students to get real world experience and work with others to promote equity,” said sponsor Ms. Merkle.  

If interested in joining Equity Team, come out to room 331 on Wednesdays at A lunch. All are welcome!