Mid-season update on CHS’s Mock Trial team

Angel Kontra, Editor

Calvert High School’s Mock Trial team is officially halfway through their season, and so far, things are looking up.  

The team attended their first competition against Thomas Stone at the Calvert County Circuit Court on Wednesday Jan 23.  

Accompanied by new sponsor Mrs. Dawn Lister and returning sponsor Mrs. Margaret Land, the team was victorious in their first presentation of the 2019 Mock Trial case: Maryland v. Biff Tannen.  

Seniors Ryan Wojciechowsk and Ashley Smith, and junior Gracie Bradford competed as attorneys on behalf of the prosecution. They effectively presented their case through their strong direct and cross examinations, keeping Thomas Stone mock trial members on their toes.  

Seniors Kyle Thomas, junior Destiny Johnson, and sophomore Tenia Booth competed as witnesses for the prosecution. Able to hold their ground against the examinations of Thomas Stone’s attorneys, they solidified the case in favor of Calvert. 

The final score was 39-31, making the competition a win for Calvert in scoring and in ruling. Members Wojciechowski and Johnson received all-star recognition as well.  

The team attended their second competition against Lenardtown at the St. Mary’s Circuit Court on Tuesday Feb 5.  

In their second presentation of the case, the team competed on behalf of the defense.  

Seniors Dominic Fiore, Clare Thompson, and Angel Kontra competed as attorneys on behalf of the defense. Senior McKenzie Eller, junior Emily Shrieves and freshmen Tyler Seawell competed as witnesses for the defense.  

With their toughest competition yet, Calvert put up a strong fight. Despite having one first-time attorney and two first-time witnesses, one of whom was a fill in, the team scored a 4/5 and two 5/5’s in their respective categories.  

CHS attorneys delivered a steady flow of hard-hitting questions and their witnesses were ready with quick-witted responses.  

The score boiled down to a 49-50 Lenardtown win due to a “tie-point” selected by the judge before scoring in every competition. Members Kontra, Shrieves, and Seawell received all-star recognition.  

The close verdict left team members even more motivated to come back with the best performance possible.  

The defense competes again Thur February 14 at the St. Mary’s Circuit Court, spectators are welcome. Be sure to congratulate the team on their outstanding performance and listen up for further updates!