Start off the new year right


Angel Kontra, Editor

At the start of every year, the well-known saying is heard everywhere, “new year, new me.” Although an entirely new persona is unrealistic, incorporating new habits and establishing self-goals can set the tone for a productive year. To help Cavaliers begin 2019 right, the Courier presents ten tips to make the new year rewarding and filled with achievement.  

1) Take advantage of the fresh start and get ahead; the less there is to do on a checklist, the less there is to stress about.  

2) Along with getting ahead, use the extra down time to relax and unwind- prevent a complete burn out by balancing work and play. 

3) End the second quarter on a strong note. Refocus, get help from teachers, and be sure to have submitted all assignments.  

4) Detox from phones and social media altogether. Too much screen time can reinforce ideas of unachievable images, invite unhealthy comparison, and overall be harmful to mental health.  

5) Reorganize something that has been collecting clutter- whether it be the closet, school binders, or a messy purse. Decluttering can act as a catharsis or an emotional release.  

6) Take ten minutes to do something creative everyday- draw, journal, create an outfit, try out a new makeup look- to develop and expand on perspectives. 

7) Take a day to go natural: no makeup, no hair products, no usage of heat. This will help skin and hair to breathe and be refreshed. 

8) Do something that lies out of personal, normal comfort zones. A sense of accomplishment will be felt, and the way will be paved for overcoming more obstacles.  

9) Make it an effort to get enough sleep. Working through fatigue is one of the worst things to do to the body and to the mind. If late shifts prevent an earlier bedtime, find ways to make mornings go smoother to catch some extra z’s. 

10) As corny as it sounds, believe it will be a good year. Attitude determines everything, ensure frame of minds match the desired direction for the year.  

Hopefully inspiration was derived from at least one of the tips on the list. Make it a great year, Cavs!