CHS Thanksgiving Traditions 

CHS Thanksgiving Traditions 

LaNaiah Frieson , Contributor

Each year, people choose to celebrate Thanksgiving with a variety of traditions. Here are a few ways students at CHS celebrate the holiday. 

Some people’s Thanksgivings are large and full of people gathered in one area, almost like a family reunion. Freshman Madison Conner usually has about twelve people in her aunt’s house in North Carolina.  

For other people, Thanksgivings are more intimate. For senior Lenny Frieson, his Thanksgiving usually is only spent with his family, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. 

While Thanksgiving is about spending time with family, it’s also known for the enormous amounts of delicious food. Some of the favorites are home-made biscuits, green bean casserole, stuffing, turkey, and of course pumpkin pie. Freshman Cora Cotson said, “If I could live off of mac ‘n cheese my whole life, I would.” 

Finally, favorite traditions are a part of annual Thanksgiving celebrations. A lot of people watch football games on thanksgiving. Conner considers football games on Thanksgiving a staple in her home. Another popular tradition is setting up the Christmas tree after dinner. 

On Thanksgiving, everyone has different traditions and favorite things to do. However, in the end, everyone has something in common: something for which to be thankful.