What to do this Halloween


Angel Kontra, Editor

Halloween- once a time for trick-or-treating and Monstober on Disney Channel, has now become a time to party in today’s high school culture. With the former seeming too childish and the ladder being disliked by many, the question of what high-schoolers should do on Halloween remains unresolved. If this is a relatable situation, here is a compilation of the Courier’s best suggestions of what to do.  

1) Go to a haunted house or haunted walkthrough- visit marylandhauntedhouses.com to decided which one is right for you! 

2) Stay in and carve jack o’lanterns, you can compete with friends and family to see whose pumpkin is the best.  

3) Look through Pinterest for Halloween/ fall inspired treats or go to Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte and spooky themed cake pop.  

4) Have a binge marathon of movies that kindle the Halloween spirit- reference “The best movies to get you in the spooky spirit” on the Courier 

5) Dress up, have a photoshoot, and go into a public place.  

6) Visit the Spirit Halloween stores, look through décor, costumes, and all the creepy lawn-animatronics.  

7) If night-time festivities aren’t a preference, take a day-trip to a pumpkin patch and complete a corn maze.  

8) Volunteer at local haunted houses; the help is always appreciated, and the time can be used for National Honor Society service hours. 

9) Dedicate the day to learning the infamous Michael Jackson Thriller dance and impress loved ones.  

10) Make an ultimate playlist of favorite Halloween music and blast it on a drive or around the house- reference “The Ultimate Halloween Playlist” on the Courier for some starting ideas.  

Hopefully these suggestions are suitable and helpful in solving the looming “what to do” question. Have a happy, fun, and safe Halloween!