Mental Health resources available to students

Angel Kontra, Editor

While experiencing struggles with mental health, it is of upmost importance to seek help and shift mindsets back to healthy states. This article in The Courier’s ‘Mental Health Awareness’ series will describe mental health resources available to students both in Calvert High School and across Calvert County.  

The guidance department at Calvert High includes four counselors: Ms. Plenty (A-E), Mrs. Aris (F-J), Mrs. Ponti (K-Q), and Mr. Verlich (R-Z). Although each student in grades 9-12 are assigned a counselor based on their last name, students are able to speak with anyone available, or switch their assigned councilor. 

In addition, Mrs. Kruder is the guidance secretary and Mrs. Barber is CHS’s registrar.   

The guidance department works to register students for classes, encourage students to take steps towards college or the career field, and ensure a nondiscriminatory learning environment. 

An interview with Mrs. Aris revealed efforts the guidance department has made towards promoting better mental health and other resources that are accessible to students within the county.  

Regarding the work the school has done to promote a healthy environment, Aris stated the school implements a social-racial-emotional initiative and various school-wide works. Organizations and clubs such as Braver Kinder Calvert (BKC) are established to make students feel supported and more welcome. 

She disclosed an “outside counselor” works in the building five days a week to provide direction to students as well.  

Aris also encourages students who are feeling down or stressed to “always come to their guidance counselor.” She revealed that guidance may provide students with resources in the community including, hospitalization, counseling, and support groups.  

Expanding on the resources found in the community, Aris stated the Calvert Memorial hospital has a Mental Health Department extension. Likewise, patients may undergo daytime treatment or over-night treatment, while receiving hospice care.  

If more treatment is needed, Aris added patients may be transferred to facilities like Kenney Kreger or others located in Baltimore. 

In addition to hospital care, support groups are accessible for people dealing with various mental illness or challenges, and those seeking help for loved ones who are affected by them.  

“The counselors are available for any student who needs help adjusting to a new school or getting connected with various clubs and organizations around the building,” Mrs. Aris concluded. 

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