Calvert High School’s Pep Band

Cynthia MacDonald, Contributor

When people go to a high school basketball game, they usually don’t expect to hear live music. However, attendees of the boys’ home basketball games at Calvert High School, get to hear music throughout the game from CHS’s, Pep Band.

Pep Band is not just a fun musical experience- it has a big impact on the game. The band gives the team a home court advantage, and creates a festive atmosphere that pumps up the crowd. Mr. Jeremy Kurutz, head coach of the CHS boys’ basketball;; team, said, “Music brings out emotion. A good beat and a little rhythm can get you dancing and bouncing around the room. Exactly what we want to compliment the team’s effort on the floor.”

Pep Band is a very important aspect of the game. When the band director at Calvert High, Mr. Demetri Bedel, came to school, he brought the tradition of Pep Band along with him. “Pep Band started last year when Coach Kurutz asked us to put one together,” said Mr. Bedel. “I remember being part of one in college and had a lot of fun with it! It’s a goal of the coaches and me to bring more support and school spirit to Calvert High. I hope that one day, the student section can be organized with us as well. Do some chants back and forth or a dance or two? It would be great to have a college-game atmosphere in a high school gym!”

Pep Band consists of brass, wind, and rhythm section instruments, and welcomes all musicians. Even experienced musicians can come and play something as simple as cowbell. The band plays many different songs other than the “CHS Fight Song,” from “Feeling Good” to “Drop That Low.”

“Even if you’re an experienced musician, come, make some noise, and have some fun,” said Mr. Bedel. “If you are an experienced musician, then definitely make some effort to be there! It gives a musician a chance to play outside of class and support the school.”

Sophomore, Austin Olevnik, a spirited musician in Pep Band, said, “I think Pep Band is a very important role to basketball games. We can affect the play for both home and away teams. It’s also very fun, and you will make great friends.”