How to make Mother Nature Happy all year round

How to make Mother Nature Happy all year round

It’s that time of year where winter gives way to spring, and with the change in the season comes the infamous “spring cleaning.” It’s a time for renewal and revival, that doesn’t stop at reorganizing the closet or decluttering over-filled backpacks. In honor of the annual recognition of Earth day, here are some ways to bring the “spring cleaning spirit” to keeping the environment clean.  

1) Reuse binders and folders that are still intact- not only does this reduce the amount of trash created, but it also reduces the amount of money that goes towards school supplies. 

2) In conjunction, keep notebooks with paper still left in them, even if they have been used for another class. Having old notes may be beneficial for future classes, and blank sheets of paper are the first supply to go.  

3) When packing a lunch, user containers rather than plastic wrap or zip lock bags. It’s an easy way to reduce waste on the daily.  

4) Purchase a reusable water bottle, or refill plastic water bottles throughout the day. Often, plastic bottles are not actually recycled and add to the vast amounts of trash produced. 

5) For makeup-wearers out there, try to buy products that are cruelty free. The ingredients used in these products are more natural and sustainable, and do not require testing on animals to ensure safety. 

6) Rather than buying brand new clothes, try shopping at thrift stores and yard sales. Clothing production uses hundreds and sometimes even thousands of gallons of water. Second-hand clothes shopping is not only beneficial to the environment, but it ensures a unique style. 

7) Car-pool with friends on weekends, to get to school, or to go to practice to reduce the carbon footprint and save gas money.  

8) Open windows and blinds to utilize natural lighting. Keeping the lights off when they are unneeded reduces power plant emissions and cuts costs of electric bills. 

9) Likewise, open windows as opposed to turning on the air-conditioning to reduce power plant emissions.  

10) Several times a week, try to have a meat-free meal. Raising live-stock heavily contributes to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.     

This spring, start fresh with these simple, workable tips, and make Mother Nature proud.