Calvert’s Mock Trial Team Wins Their First Competition


The Mock Trial team attended its first competition against Patuxent High School at the Calvert County Circuit Court on Wednesday, Jan 24.

Sponsors Mrs. Katie Kotowski and Mrs. Margaret Land have been working with the team for the past few months to prepare them for the 2018 case: Slater v Kapowski.

Plaintiff attorneys Junior Nicholas Smith, Junior Ryan Wojciechowski, and Senior Gabriella Chambers performed beautifully in both their direct and cross examinations. Their hard-hitting questions and keen thinking made them fierce competitors against Patuxent’s defense.

Plaintiff witnesses Junior Gabrielle Bubin, Junior Kyle Thomas, and Sophomore Destiny Johnson were excellent in their responses during the defense’s cross examinations. Their ability to maintain composure, stay in character, and knowledge of the case made them tough to crack.

Teams are judged both in terms of the winner of the case and the winner of the competition. The judge, attorney Michael Morgan, ruled in favor of both the plaintiff’s claims and the defendant’s counter claim, and, in competition, Calvert came out victorious. In addition, CHS team members Smith and Thomas received all-star recognition.

Although only the first competition, the win marks a hopeful start to the competitive season. Next Wednesday, Jan 31 Calvert’s plaintiff attorneys and witnesses will compete again at the Circuit Court against La Plata High School.

Be sure to listen for the results of the competitions throughout the season, and congratulate the members of the Mock Trial team for their impressive case presentation.