Angel Kontra, Editor

It’s that time in the school year again, that time some dread and others anticipate: registration. The importance of selecting classes is stressed by some and neglected by others. Taking the easy, “fun,” classes may seem great until students find themselves their senior year still needing credits to graduate. In addition, students will find themselves failing to compete with their peers to get into dream colleges or dream jobs. A student’s goal should be to graduate high school and move on to accomplish bigger and better things.

As progression through high school continues, students should challenge themselves. If this year a student is in all standard classes, they should try taking an honors class next year. Or if a student is in honors classes, they should try to take an advanced placement (AP) class. There is certainly no need to fill a schedule with these classes, but they will expose students to a new experience. Colleges and future employers will see a student as a contender, and as someone who wants to excel.

Requirement credits should also be considered. If a student holds off on taking these classes until senior year, they may not graduate within four years. There is room in a high school schedule for three electives, so each year try to fill one to two elective slots with these required classes. Enrolling in online classes to complete these credits is an alternative option as well.

Overall, registration is a cardinal part of student life. At Calvert High there is a wide variety of classes offered and alternative ways to complete them. Seek help from peers, parents, and staff to decide what the best selection is. The classes a student selects can allow them to graduate and prepare them for life outside of high school. Create a plan, venture out of comfort zones, and be mindful for the new school year!