Chess Club

Angelique Gingras, Contributer

Many different classrooms at Calvert High School offer different clubs/programs during lunch for students. These clubs can allow students learn new things and meet new people. One of the more recently established social organizations is chess club.

Freshmen Kaitlin Russell and Angel Gingras created this club for students to use their strategic skills against their peers and have fun while doing it.

“I think that all aspiring thinkers should learn and develop cognitive skills in strategizing because it is a transferrable skill utilized in higher level learning,” said Dr. William Colley, CHS English teacher and Chess Club Sponsor.

According to a program called Chess in the Schools centered in New York City, two studies were conducted examining the effects of the Chess game on children’s reading scores. This study indicated that students who participated in the chess program showed improved scores on standardized tests. As a result,  New York City Public Schools, learning chess is a requirement for some students.

Since 1986, chess has inspired and empowered more than 500,000 students. The mission is to help young people develop skills in critical thinking and problem solving.

The CHS Chess Club will meet every Thursday during B-Lunch in room 331. Gingras and Russell encourage all students to come try out the club, no matter their level of experience. Come meet new people and challenge your mind.