What to get teenagers for Christmas

Lauren Mister, Editor

Christmas is fast approaching and that means buying gifts for friends and family. Of course, gift giving for adults is simple; just make some arts and crafts and they’ll be in love with it, or pretend to be, anyway. However, picking out presents for teenagers can be quite troublesome, especially because they often want expensive, showy things. However, here are some ideas as to what might please a typical young adult:

  1. Collages. Making a huge celebration of a friendship with pictures and some handmade love is a great way to surprise a friend. Even though it’s the cheaper way to go, it’s an endearing gift worth more than it’s monetary value.
  2. Electronics. These are gifts given mostly by parents and other adults, but a new phone or laptop is a fantastic gift that will keep most teenagers preoccupied for a long time. Likewise, a computer helps with schoolwork, so it also promotes better performance in school. However, it’s only for those willing to spend more money.
  3. Retrograde. For those who would like to live in the past, gifting a record player or a Polaroid is a wonderful and thoughtful way of brightening up someone’s Christmas. This option can be somewhat pricey, but these presents would assuredly be perfect for the quirky person in someone’s life.
  4. Clothing. Whether they’re into high fashion or athletic wear, buying a teenager clothes is a unique and often bonding experience, given that the gift giver doesn’t pick out the wrong shirt. What’s more, clothing can be expensive at retail stores but, finding clothing at thrift shops is an affordable alternative/
  5. Candy. For people who are planning to give to a lot of friends, making small bags filled with sweets is a great, efficient way to show all of their friends that they’re thinking of them during the holiday season. Moreover, it’s a cheap, efficient gift for those who are somewhat tight on money.
  6. Beauty products. For those who have many girlfriends, gifting beauty products, such as bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and body butter are perfect. Likewise, making homemade products is an inexpensive and creative endeavor (and the gifter has the potential to have leftovers for themselves).
  7. Money. When all else fails and there isn’t anything a gifter finds fitting for someone, giving $20 or $25 never fails. It gives the recipient a chance to buy what they want instead of settling for something they didn’t necessarily need or desire.

Giving gifts to teenagers can often be quite difficult, especially if they already have everything under the sun. However, with some ingenuity and creativity, presents can be fun, goofy, or inspiring, depending on the person who is receiving them. Good luck and merry Christmas!