Here’s why you shouldn’t go to a haunted house

Lauren Mister, Editor

Haunted  attractions can be extremely fun, especially if visitors are in the spirit. However, there are some people who simply should not go.

When going to a haunted house, patrons are essentially paying to be scared. Those who spend their money want a fulfilling experience; they do not want dull and disappointing. If someone yells at the performers, it can cause performers to break character, killing the illusion of the haunt. If someone does not like to be scared, then they should not be going to a haunted house in the first place.

Moreover, one should not go if they are prone to violence in their terrified state. Hitting other people or actors will either lead to injury or aggression, which will cause a lot of commotion.

Similarly, if couples are going to a haunted house as a date, they better have a strong relationship. When people are scared, it triggers a fight-or-flight response, a true testament to what they will do in an actual dangerous situation. Going to a Halloween attraction may bring out the worst in people, and the relationship could hit some bumps in the road if someone decides to desert their partner in the middle of a spooky corn maze.

Additionally, for those who suffer from nightmares, haunted houses most likely are not an appropriate leisure. The goal of most Halloween haunts is to scare the patrons; performers want people to leave with their hearts in their throats. For someone who regularly has difficulty sleeping, having visions of a rabid clown or a decaying zombie will do nothing but keep them up through all hours of the night.

This one is obvious, yet too vital to not leave out: if someone has a condition that could potentially harm them, such as heart disease, asthma, or high blood pressure, they SHOULD NOT go to a haunted house. Of course, no one is stopping them except a few caution signs, but sitting out might be a good idea, especially if the threat is imminent enough to cause damage. However, if they are steadfast on participating, no one is responsible but themselves.

However, for those who seek a fright, have no inhibiting conditions, and generally have good sleep patterns, a haunted house may just be the perfect thing to get them in the Halloween holiday mood.